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  1. Ugiesnugums

    here are some non moving ones i did right after i got my macro lens. hey it was winter and there were no bugs around
  2. FS PA: Canon 30d, 28-135 IS lens

    as opposed to the last time i sold my d50 in oct of 06, guy paid through ebay/paypal i shipped the camera only to have my payment revoked by paypal. the jerkoff even left feedback. i basically gave it away for free since paypal has no seller protection. nothing is safe there. i'll do paypal Echeck but in no way will i be involved in a transaction that paypal will profit even a dime from. you can check my ebay feedback (although that and along with paypal i have not used since that fateful day in 06 yota924x4 i have personal references on this forum, heck i'll even take a picture of my drivers license if you want photo ID. i can even be seen on a mvite coral propagation video he did last year.
  3. FS PA: Canon 30d, 28-135 IS lens

    anyone? anyone?
  4. FS PA: Canon 30d, 28-135 IS lens

    Why are you selling it right after you bought it? i'm primarily Nikon, wanted to try something different. i have alot tied up in nikon mount glass and cant see making the change. you can view some of my previous posts and see some nikons at work. i cant return it due to the box having the upc cut off. thanks for looking, chris
  5. FS PA: Canon 30d, 28-135 IS lens

    ok how about this NO PAYPAL, they screwed me out of $730 2 years ago when someone purchased an item from me on ebay and used a stolen/hacked account. paypal or ebay did nothing to rectify the situation. no seller protection anyways. money order, cashiers check, personal check (but will have to allow it to clear) or cash if someone is local
  6. bought this about 2 weeks ago and something has come up and need the money. There are only about 100 shots on the camera. Everything is brand new and mint. The only thing i threw the box away. it has all the accessories and both blank warranty cards and kept the UPC. Asking price is $1050 + s/h if paypal add 3%..or Money order for the Combo..here are some pics
  7. Nano Gobies PICTURE THREAD

    and a repost from april for the newcomers, this ywg was sent to a friends tank to eat his hermits and i purchased another smaller one
  8. LFS gave me a $5 frag pack - What are they?

    looks like some unhappy zoanthids. not alot or flow until they start to open up would be my advice. goodluck your 2nd post is gsp, zoas and a nice looking mushroom
  9. Need help with Tank to fuge plumbing design

    see if this helps, here is my 15T fuge which is about 4 inches above (and 6 feet to the left) of my 30cube water is pumped by a minijet 606 and gravity fed back to the display at roughly 45gph
  10. The Mantis Tank Thread

    well in one week i will have had Mr. Peepers for 6 months and here he is after his monthly loaded crayfish bashing
  11. The Mantis Tank Thread

    well today was thanksgiving for my mantis, came home to some kinda large snail and 2 hermit crabs eating one of the best looking clams i've ever seen, so all parties involved went into the mantis tank for destruction, my poor clam and wallet. the turq. crocea on the right will probably be dead by morning
  12. Chris's cube

    thanks for the compliments, camera is a nikon d80, macros with a 100mm tokina macro lens and other shots with a 18-70 nikkor as far as the load i dont think its all that bad with nearly 100lbs of LR, between the 30 cube, 15 tall fuge and filstar xp4 canister not to mention i skim pretty heavily Nikon D80 Nikkor 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5 G-AFS ED-IF DX Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 APO EX DG Macro Tokina 100mm f/2.8 AT-X M100 AF Pro D Macro Nikon SB-600 Speedlight
  13. Chris's cube

    in tank flow is now roughly 1300gph 2 new clams, the tank is now 11 months old
  14. Pittsburghers/Western PA

    wet pets on rt 19 mcmurray. a bit pricey but they usually have decent livestock, i second aquaworldf i've had many good experiences there. pet supplies plus in irwin is ok too. elmers on rt 22 monroeville other places i've been seahorse in gibsonia, under the sea in wexford, petland in monroeville ( i wont deal with due to the dogs kept in tiny cages) atlantis rt.51 baldwin (can never seem to get there when they are open) MACNA is in monroeville up till today sunday. steer clear of the deathco's at all costs http://www.pmas.org/stores.htm
  15. The Mantis Tank Thread

    so its been almost 2 months since my last post here, Mr. Peepers aka Atilla has changed colors a bit since his last photo shoot and here is working out his raptoral appendages on a crayfish. (he gets one of those every few weeks for a decent workout) Alesia, good to see a fellow mantis keeper in the area