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  1. yep i'm serious. one of my local lfs is full of untrained people and anything attatched to the LR comes along with it this time it was a 1.5" clam that was around the backside of the rock. its a good thing i ask for the rocks to be kept wet! other freebie-a piece of rock around the size of a pinky finger that was packed with zooanids total cost 0.32 but thanks everyone for the ID on it- i have him high in the column about 4 inches from the surface to get the most light possible. i've been squirting extra phyto in there and he seems to be doing well
  2. anyone want to identify this hitchhiker clam
  3. i blasted it with a canister filter for 30 mins and its opening....but its just so much flow that everything else in the tank closes. it seems to have built up a waxy coating on it and when i hit it with ridiculous flow it blew it off
  4. hello there, i have recently purchased a red finger gorgonian at the lfs last week and it has not opened except for a single polyp every few hours. i have hope for it atleast being alive since it was fully opened at the lfs and all of my other inhabitants are all out in full force. i have read various waterflow requirements about this particular creature and none of them say exactly the same thing most say med-high flow. now is it possible that this thing only opens at night or is it too late? is the lighting too intense? 4.1 watts per gallon@6700k 10k and of course actinic blue any suggestions would be appreciated thanks!