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  1. Thank you everyone for their suggestions! I rub its foot a little and it immediately let loose. On top of that, the tank move/upgrade was successful with no casualties
  2. Thank you all for the suggestions, I will try my best!
  3. Hello NR, Anyone have any tips on moving RFA that attached itself onto the glass? I'm moving and upgrading to a larger tank tomorrow and the RFA is attached onto the glass. I plan on removing all live rock, corals and fish, and keeping them in separated containers. All that's left is the single RFA I have which moved itself from the rocks onto the glass. Any tips are appreciated!
  4. If I'm reading your first post correctly, reducing the channel is reducing the amount of light. Or if you would want more blue, then you would reduce the channel for the white. Can you describe your system? Age, size, water parameters? Was the Monti a new addition?
  5. I second DominicDuffy's post. I have this light over a 6.25 Imagitarium and it's ok. The sides of my tank do not get enough light. I currently have all channels on full power except for Channel 3 (white). I believe its down 3 clicks on the remote.
  6. Nice to see other members with the same lighting. Mine is over a 6 gallon Imagitarium though. May need to get another one for more spread.
  7. Yes, definitely move them away from each other
  8. I've been using it for almost 6 months now and I love it. The growth and coloration on my zoas have taken off. Be careful not to overdose though, or GHA growth may take off also
  9. Sorry about your lost wartskin. I always enjoyed the pictures you posted of the little guy. Definitely don't give up! I second what metrokat said, try feeding a variety. I've fed my angler frozen lancefish, gut loaded ghost shrimp, and sometimes live damsels. I don't really know what else we can feed, but just some suggestions.
  10. My LFS suggested aquavitro's fuel when I asked about zoas coloration and growth. I've been using the product for almost 3 months now and I love it. I purchased a single polyp frag of red hornets and it grew to almost 5 heads in 2ish weeks, but zoa pox took over my tank. I've noticed that a lot of the colors of my corals really colored up too. I mostly have zoas, but I also have various softies and LPS Its not something you need to dose daily, I dose twice a week. Also don't over dose or you're gonna have hair algae.
  11. I don't see why you can't. Just do it slowly and seed the new rock. Or if you have a sump, put the new rocks in there to seed. Make sure you rinse the rocks well for debris. Also, you do know that over time, the white rock is going to turn brown from algae, and then probably purple or green depending on the coraline.
  12. The color change is normal. Sooner or later the fish is going to turn fully black. I'm guessing its a sign of age or growth. A friend of mine had two of these in his tank. When they reached an inch to inch and a half they started loosing the white color and just turned black.
  13. Couple more pics. I've notice he has been out in the open a lot more lately With his lure out
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