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  1. new jbj cubey

    Cool little tank but it has no surface skimming. So either JBJ will have to come out with a mini version of their surface skimmer they have for their nanocubes or you would have to make your own.
  2. Tank is SOLD. Modz plz close/delete thread. Time for a banh-mi sandwich.
  3. SOLD to junginit. Thanks Bryan. Mods plz close/delete this thread.
  4. *local pickup only* Eheim Classic 2011 filter. Precursor to the reissue 2211. All the parts are new except for the 2011 pump. The plastic canister part is new. New/unused tubing, primer pump, quick connect/disconnects, outlet flare pipe, various suction cups. All you need is an intake pipe/strainer and media. Perfect size filter for small nano or freshwater/planted nano. $30 FIRM Next to an ice cold Corona for size comparison.
  5. Chiller is SOLD. Mods plz close/delete thread.
  6. Need to sell due to future move. CPR Pico-C 3 gallon acrylic tank. Xlnt condition. I replaced stock rio pump, too noisy, with Mini-Jet 606 pump. Also replaced stock bulb with a UVL brand 50/50 bulb. Includes live rock + livestock(torch frag, gsp frags, yellow polyps, zoa frags, some kinda green polyp frag, mushroom frag, small colt frag, small blueberry gorgonian frag, some hermit crabs, 1 margarita snail, stomatella snails. I'll throw in a bottle of phytofeast and some unusued sand. Also have the original CPR box tank came in. $100
  7. Petco Dollar per Gallon Sale!

    It's going here in OC cali. June 26 - July 16 10G, 20H, 20L, 29G, 40B and 55G tanks.
  8. *local pickup only, no shipping* I got this awhile back as part of a tank package deal but I don't plan to use it. JBJ Artica Titanium Chiller DBA-150, 115v 1PH, 1/5 HP. I'll throw in 6ft of 5/8" and 6ft of 3/4" tubing. Also will throw in a Coralife UV unit that I haven't tested so consider it a freebie. I have the chiller hooked up so you can check that it works. Does not include a circulation pump. The pump that I have hooked up currently I am using for my next tank. $250
  9. *local pickup only(Orange County, SoCal)/NO shipping* Aqua Medic Ocean Light 70watt pendant w/magnetic ballast. Includes Hanging wires, plastic leg stands. Perfect for nano or small frag tank. SOLD Precision Marine RL100 Redline Needle Wheel Skimmer. I used it for less than a month to cure some rock and has been stored unused since last July. SOLD
  10. FS: Bubble Magus NAC6 BNIB

    Any of you get your skimmers yet? Looks like he has more for sale. Good price and I'd get one but "change of plan".
  11. Sapphire aquatics nano reactors

    Darn, been lookin for one of those.
  12. Fluval Edge led mod

    Thanks for that link cindy, been trying to find a retailer who sells the sunspots.
  13. Dirty film

    If your tank is like those nano-cubes then something like this would help.
  14. Dane's ex 3some nano.

    Nice tank mate.