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  1. Nice black tang mang.
  2. I'd stick with around 14k if you want to max growth yet still retain some nice color.
  3. What bulb(brand/kelvin) are you using right now? It's got a purplish tint/color.
  4. Nice tank. Specs?
  5. Looks like a red-head goby.
  6. Hey pickle, yeah I got it this week. It's about same size as Lisa's but I got it for $15. Hey Lisa, what I've been doing is feeding with Formula One mini pellets. What I do is get some rigid airline tubing drop a pellet in one end and let it slowly drop down and aim the other end so the pellet drops in the mouths. Have to turn off all the pumps in the tank of course to do this. If you have any clown fish or wrasses they'll try and pick at the pellet as it sinks down through the tube and may learn to wait around and steal any pellets that you try to feed the corals with.
  7. Nice sun coral. I just picked one up from Coral Oasis in Irvine. I've been feeding mine with mysis shrimp and Formula One mini pellets. Which LFS stores you hit in OC?
  8. Definitely Fromia species. Looks like fromia indica. Not sure though. Cool looking.
  9. LTNS. Very nice true percs. If I didn't have my black & white occellaris I'd have a pair of those. You got another nanocube? You still have the bigger tank?
  10. W.Y.W.?
  11. My last two tanks were drilled on the bottom corners(by either glass shop or LFS), but I used simple DIY pvc standpipes. My new tank(20gal High) is drilled but like you I'll be installing a small corner overflow box(ordered one from wetdryfilter.com)and using a stockman pipe. If you're not too confident about drilling it yourself try to see if there's a LFS or glass shop locally that can do it for you.
  12. Cam, were you using the old-style PFO pendants? I know they had issues. http://www.pfolighting.com/new%20pfoAq/AQFrames.htm <-- click on "Issue with old style 250w Mini Pendants" The SunLightSupply ReefOptixIII+ pendants are good from the reviews I've read of them. http://www.sunlightsupply.com/aquarium/pro...s.shtml#ro3plus You'd need some kind of plug to hook them to your PFO ballasts though. I upgraded my old PFO pendant to the new-style PFO and now wish I had gone with the ReefOptixIII+. ReefOptix gives a more even light spread. I've noticed bright spots on the bottom of my tank with the PFO. Mainly due to the reflector style. Doesn't evenly disperse the light though it is definitely brighter than the old hammer-toned reflector of the old-style.
  13. Just consider yourselves the guinea pigs for the 1st generation nanopube cubes. And the beneficiaries will be the ones who held off from buying them knowing that JBJ would come out with improved versions. I hope they make the overflow slits at the water surface level. I just might be interested in one of those cubes for an office nano. La la la la la.
  14. I've read posts that JBJ may be coming out with a retro-fit skimmer for those nanopube tanks.
  15. Save the money for corals. Or buy a refurbished Glock.