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  1. pongpit

    Wow simply amazing. I had a pico tank for over 5 years which also was a TOTM on nano reef and I have to say this one is much more impressive then my former pico. Almost makes me want to start another one. Congrats and keep up the good work!
  2. My first pico! Dymax IQ3 now 5 YEARS OLD!

    I've been meaning to post for a while and rereading some of this has me almost reconsidering but I'm afraid I'm going to take this tank down. It's probably not a surprise to some long time viewers as I normally update more frequently. I just don't pay much attention to it anymore. Some of the corals like the chalice and the anemone and a few palys have been in here more than 5 years the pink chalice probably 6 but the tank has just become too much of a pain. I can't fit anything in to keep the acrylic clean. I forget about water changes ect. I always thought when I moved I'd just throw the whole tank in a 5 gallon bucket but now as I get ready to move this summer I am looking to downsize before I upsize. It has nothing to do with being bored of the hobby or reefing or anything I just have other tanks on the go. Some of you may or may not know but I have lots of other tanks. I am shutting down this tank then my frag tank. I also have a 90 gallon garden eel tank which previously held octopus and cuttlefish before them. That tank is going to be shut down as well. my 180 gallon mixed reef which lately has had my old 112 gallon plumbed into it as a large display fuge will be kept and hopefully upgraded to something in the 300 gallon range. When I first started this tank I wasn't doing too much with reefs and keeping some of the weird creatures listed above as I grew frustrated with my main reef. Overall this has still been the most successful tank ever. It convinced me LED's were for real and the lights will indeed last years and years. I learned 100% or greater water changes are fine for healthy corals, and got to keep a few tiny fish and inverts that would never last in my bigger tanks. I've been reefing for 11 years and still haven't found my theme. I'm looking to get away from the big random mixed reef where everything does okay and go either sps or lps dominated. With that being the case I probably will still operate other styles of tanks so I don't rule out a new nano / pico. With that being said the one condition will be having a strong enough tank that is big enough to support a magnet that can keep the viewing panels clean. This tank started as I picked it up off the shelf while I was waiting to check out at big als. Who would have thought it would last this long. When I do move and upgrade to the "final" tank I am hoping to get many decades out of it. thanks for all the support of this tank over the years and being featured as a tank of the month is still a great honor to me. Andrew
  3. Sand Dollar in reef aquarium

    I kept one for several months many years ago. If I was not on my way out I'd try and find a picture. IMO in a larger tank with a deepish sandbed they should be okay. This was in a 5 foot 112 gallon. What did him in was polyclads (giant flatworms that also went after snails and clams) it would take a good day for him to go over to the other side of the tank but was very active and eating something. While it did leave the sandbed I suspect it was eating stuff in the sand but I don't really know. I wouldn't try in a nano but I might consider another in my 180 although they are rarely for sale.
  4. Kessil AP700 - Release date & Price

    Too much money and 4 feet of coverage is pretty limiting. Sure you might use it on a 3 foot tank, but what about 5-6 foot tanks, 2 would be too much one is not enough and it won't play with the a360s. I love Kessil lights but I don't see myself getting this.
  5. My first pico! Dymax IQ3 now 5 YEARS OLD!

    Well it's not been FIVE long years since I brought this tank home on a whim. Also on impulse I decided to do some major changes today. Well I have been planning to do this for some time I haven't had time but a water change turned into a big big change. First of all I reluctantly did a 100% water change. I worry a bit about the alk shock of using reef crystals salt but it's the only salt I have currently. I managed to carefully get ALL the rock out of the tank, took out all the bits of rubble that at one time had corals or is just random rubble. I scraped off ALL of the green star polyps off the side. They haven't been doing great lately and the sides have basically become impossible to look through. I scraped all sides and the bottom of the tank the best I could. It's not spotless but a LOT LOT better. I reluctantly cut the big pink chalice that has been in the tank almost since day one. I took one side off of it. I probably should have taken 2 sides off. I also cut one of the newer chalices since it really has no where to go and I'd also like to have it in another tank. I started removing about 20-25 yellow polyps but after they opened up again you can barely tell. I think I will try and remove 90-100% of them in the coming weeks. The aquascape has now changed, everything has not settled yet. It's still not perfect but better then before. Corals are not on top of each other and there is still room for a few things. I added some zoos and acan, and clove polyps which have not yet opened. Also I added a small frag of GSP to replace the mat that was there prior. It should not take long for it to grow over. Still planning to do more in the coming weeks and months. Everything is settling in so I will hold off on the FTS for a day or 2. I also want to slightly rearrange some things but it's real close to being left alone again for a few more years before more major changes. The last full pic of the chalice It even grew over a snail (shell)! Reminds me of a square watermellon In the tank it still looks good The other one I cut has recovered nicely as well.. The old water : More to come soon!
  6. I can see why you did this, but why not trade / sell / give away the mushrooms instead of killing them?Also you never mention them but are these hydroids? They look like them http://imageshack.com/i/id90IpCDj I have them in my pico / display but they are very very slow to takeover, taking years to make any kind of progress so I just remove what I can and it keeps them at bay. I wonder what this will look like in another 9 years... Good luck with everything look forward to continuing to follow the Vase..
  7. Fantastic tank, really enjoyed looking through the TOTM writeup. One of the most unique nano's I have seen.
  8. Few Pico questions

    1) Bare bottom or bust. Only benefit imo of sand in pico tank is looks. My tank has been bare bottom for many years and there are still tons of critters crawling around. I also dislike the bare bottom look and run all of my other tanks with anything from very shallow to very deep sand beds. That being said once you pack in the pico it's hard to even tell its bare bottom. 2) any small hob filter will work as long as it fits. I change the filter floss about once a week but you could do it more often should you desire. I also run 1 tablespoon of carbon and half a tablespoon of gfo in there. It's not as ideal as a reactor but no pico reactors exist. Another option for filtration is a mangrove pod. Cheato in such small quantities is a waste of time, but mangroves used in a ratio of 1 for every 1-3 gallons can actually make a filtration difference 3) whatever you like best. There are many different ways to run it, however you may find the par 38 too bright. I use a par 30 bulb.
  9. My first pico! Dymax IQ3 now 5 YEARS OLD!

    Shot this time lapse this morning this is 51 minutes sped up 5000x
  10. My first pico! Dymax IQ3 now 5 YEARS OLD!

    I'm still thinking about fragging the chalice at least the part growing around the back. It is cool to see how much it's grown over the years. I recently picked up some PE Calanus and it was a big hit. Seems like it's a fine cyclopeeze replacement. Although I still miss those red bars which were such a pain to use.
  11. My first pico! Dymax IQ3 now 5 YEARS OLD!

    Today I decided to put dose flatworm exit. I really don't know how the heck I got flatworms in this tank considering I never get them in my other tanks (at least not the orange invasive kind). I only ever add frags to this tank that are dipped and 95% of the time they spend time in my other systems first. Over the past few months they have been getting worse and worse. The past few days I removed as many as I could and finally dosed today. I just happened to come across some flatworm exit in my basement so decided to give it a go. The dose I used was 3 drops which is approximately 200% recommended dose. Within 5 minutes the flatworms are dying. I will be doing a 75-100% water change as soon as they all die. I will likely have to repeat this dose in a couple of days but after that I should be rid of them. I am also planning on again cutting back the yellow polyps and hopefully adding some new corals soon.
  12. My first pico! Dymax IQ3 now 5 YEARS OLD!

    I scratch the hell out of it actually! Sometimes algae gets really bad on the front this is when credit card works the best. Unfortunately not enough room to get a credit card in the tank... I use a combination of a slice of a credit card, a nano mag (which DOES scratch the tank), mr clean magic eraser and anything else I can find. Acrylic is actually real easy to remove scratches from the problem for me is so much is encrusted to the tank itself otherwise I'd just empty it for an hour and buff it out. Still this $50 tank has held up well over the years.
  13. My first pico! Dymax IQ3 now 5 YEARS OLD!

    There are lots of different types. The big orange ones are the ones that multiply like crazy. The odd thing is I started seeing them during a time which I hadn't added anything in ages. All of a sudden they just started covering everything. If the anemone wasn't attached to the back AND the rock I'd just take everything out and blast the hell out of it.
  14. My first pico! Dymax IQ3 now 5 YEARS OLD!

    I can't find my macro lens anywhere. Frustrating but it's probably at my parents house (7hrs away). Anyway I did finally take a few pics. I've been trying to clean things up lately. Have a lot of flatworms but hesitant to use flatworm exit in such a small tank. Also the stupid yellow polyps won't stop growing and taking everything over. Will be removing more of them shortly. It may finally be time to frag the big chalice. It's growing around the back so soon will be double sided and if I don't keep moving it slightly it will reattach to the acrylic again. A lot of things are slighly moved as I'm trying to give it a nicer look with space to grow but its very difficult in a tank this size. Hoping to get things "good" in time for the tanks 5th birthday.
  15. HELP Tang dying?

    The store has each fish in its own system? Fish must be super expensive there... As for your guy not really sure what to suggest, did you treat him for anything?