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  1. Wow simply amazing. I had a pico tank for over 5 years which also was a TOTM on nano reef and I have to say this one is much more impressive then my former pico. Almost makes me want to start another one. Congrats and keep up the good work!
  2. I've been meaning to post for a while and rereading some of this has me almost reconsidering but I'm afraid I'm going to take this tank down. It's probably not a surprise to some long time viewers as I normally update more frequently. I just don't pay much attention to it anymore. Some of the corals like the chalice and the anemone and a few palys have been in here more than 5 years the pink chalice probably 6 but the tank has just become too much of a pain. I can't fit anything in to keep the acrylic clean. I forget about water changes ect. I always thought when I moved I'd just throw the whole tank in a 5 gallon bucket but now as I get ready to move this summer I am looking to downsize before I upsize. It has nothing to do with being bored of the hobby or reefing or anything I just have other tanks on the go. Some of you may or may not know but I have lots of other tanks. I am shutting down this tank then my frag tank. I also have a 90 gallon garden eel tank which previously held octopus and cuttlefish before them. That tank is going to be shut down as well. my 180 gallon mixed reef which lately has had my old 112 gallon plumbed into it as a large display fuge will be kept and hopefully upgraded to something in the 300 gallon range. When I first started this tank I wasn't doing too much with reefs and keeping some of the weird creatures listed above as I grew frustrated with my main reef. Overall this has still been the most successful tank ever. It convinced me LED's were for real and the lights will indeed last years and years. I learned 100% or greater water changes are fine for healthy corals, and got to keep a few tiny fish and inverts that would never last in my bigger tanks. I've been reefing for 11 years and still haven't found my theme. I'm looking to get away from the big random mixed reef where everything does okay and go either sps or lps dominated. With that being the case I probably will still operate other styles of tanks so I don't rule out a new nano / pico. With that being said the one condition will be having a strong enough tank that is big enough to support a magnet that can keep the viewing panels clean. This tank started as I picked it up off the shelf while I was waiting to check out at big als. Who would have thought it would last this long. When I do move and upgrade to the "final" tank I am hoping to get many decades out of it. thanks for all the support of this tank over the years and being featured as a tank of the month is still a great honor to me. Andrew
  3. You don't see too many of these zeroedge tanks these days, Looks fantastic. What is the plant growing on the rock?
  4. Nice, blue backgrounds are really underrated.
  5. Haven't seen these guys for sale in a long time, price has dropped big time. Had a couple many years ago. I can't wait to fatten him up
  6. Interesting you have the nano's in wall and the big tank not, but the room looks very nice. I love it!
  7. Yeah, took a while for them to find him in the tank but once I saw him I was sold. I don't really see too much of him though..
  8. I can't believe I bought him. I'll probably never see him again...
  9. I have wanted one of these for many years. The first ones I saw were priced around $800, then they dropped to 300-400 now they are usually $120-160. I got this one for $120 but I was not overly concerned about the price. It's small healthy looking and doesn't appear to have any decompression issues. Also it is already eating pe mysis. Currently in QT and then straight to my 2 gallon pico! Actually my 112 gallon which has lots of shaded areas for him to hide while I wait for him to adapt to aquarium life.
  10. That wrasse will jump out. You should cover the tank, it's not a question of if but when. Nice tank though.
  11. lovely.
  12. what happened?
  13. Probably not the best pic, but it's different, I like the long extension with the sunlight. Tank lights are on too.
  14. Tangs aren't as reef safe as most people would have you believe. Especially if they aren't well fed.