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  1. andrewkw

    10 gallon Sexy Shrimp "reef"

    Thanks, the gorg is my largest coral. I snipped just a sliver for this tank. If I turn off the flow in my main display it will stick out of the water.
  2. andrewkw

    10 gallon Sexy Shrimp "reef"

    Some new pics after a couple of days of rearranging and adding frags then a couple more waiting for the water to clear.
  3. andrewkw

    10 gallon Sexy Shrimp "reef"

    Some updated pictures : I no longer remove flatworms daily. There are still some and if I see a few together I grab them but I'm not counting them out. I'm okay with a few here or there, if it gets noticeable again I will be on top of it. I am however getting some bubble algae outbreaks. I've never tested the po4/no3 in this tank. The water usually comes from my frag tank which has no algae issues. That water comes from my main display where I do test no3/po4/mg/alk/ca weekly. Of course I do feed the sexy shrimp tank a lot and there is very little filtration in it. Some nuisance algae is bound to be there from time to time, but that's fine. This isn't really my "show tank" but I am still trying to make it look good as I watch the sexy shrimp dance about..
  4. andrewkw

    10 gallon Sexy Shrimp "reef"

    I just don't want to use flatworm exit in this tank if this was a big tank sure, but there is so little filtration. The flower anemone is doing great. I bought 2 one wasted away pretty quick but the other one is happy and doesn't move. I've only had about 50% success rate with these guys. I think I've only ever bought 4. I still have the first one in my main display back when these anemones were new to the hobby and this one. I think I've only ever tried one other one. Eventually I'll get more but it's such a pain to get stuff here and when I finally do get to a reef shop my priorities always are my main display reef not the sexy shrimp tank in the spare room. I am really enjoying this tank though. I'll probably add some more softies and get all the algae on the glass cleaned by the 2 giant snails over the next month or so.
  5. andrewkw

    10 gallon Sexy Shrimp "reef"

    I've almost entirely eliminated the flatworms the hard way (manual removal) the thing about this is you HAVE TO do it every single day. For a couple of weeks it was a must to remove 50+ a day. Now if I can get 20 I am happy and I really have to search for those 20. To be determined if I need to eliminate every single one but I have seen the odd flatworm in other tanks yet this is the only way ever to get infested. Added a bunch more softies and a couple of big snails. The long term goal is still to raise sexy shrimp babies. I've only seen eggs twice and figured by now they'd be on some sort of schedule. Oh well it's looking more like a reef. I have another tank and brine shrimp eggs ready for when they do actually start having eggs.
  6. andrewkw

    10 gallon Sexy Shrimp "reef"

    Figured I'd update this thread but really not much is going on. I lost one sexy shrimp and one died. 9/11 are still alive. I've only seen one with eggs this whole time. Admittedly I don't watch the tank for long periods of time but I do check on it at least a couple of times a day. I believe there are 5 males and 4 females left. I have a second 10 gallon tank ready to go should I get some more eggs. It has to happen eventually but when I kept sexy shrimp in the past I seemed to recall them almost always having eggs. Perhaps these guys were just much younger then my previous ones. I got a pretty bad flatworm infestation I seem to have under control via manual removal. Flatworms must have came from one of the 2 flower anemones as they are the only thing I added straight to this tank. One of which has since died but the other is looking great. I didn't think it was a good idea to dose flatworm exit in this minimally filtered tank. I would prefer to have a tiny hob running carbon and or gfo but the sexy shrimp get sucked into it so I don't bother. Tank is still operating with just 3 items. One powerhead, one heater, one light. Cheapo amazon light has kept soft corals alive without issue. Other then form factor I'm not sure why you'd buy this over a black box but for this application I am happy with it. Debating adding another piece of rock just to add some more of those pink palys. The sexy shrimp ate some other ones but seem to leave these ones alone. The other corals appear unharmed by them. This tank doesn't have a lot of filtration so algae is a bit of an issue. You'll also note the back and even the sides are not scraped. Normally I'm really against this approach I think the glass should be cleaned. In this case I figure better algae is growing on the glass then the rocks / sand. Also there is a ton of micro fauna everything from mysids to copepods to amphipods as well as micro bristle stars ect. Since there is so little rock they mostly exist on the glass itself.
  7. andrewkw

    Side shot of my 112 gallon

    Wish the tank was 36" wide not 18" but reflection still makes it look good.
  8. andrewkw

    Do you quarantine inverts?

    I do qt my inverts, 72 days is ideal, but realistically I usually end up doing about 30. After a shrimp molts in theory it should be fine and they are going to molt long before 72 days. The reason why I say 30 days is, I use my frag tank for both coral and invert qt but somewhere along the way corals will go in and they will reset the clock.
  9. andrewkw

    What is your favorite salt mix, and why!

    My favorite is probably red sea blue bucket - this is simply because the levels are closest to what I run. What I actually mostly use is coralife. It's cheaper and close enough. The only thing I really don't like about salt mixes are ones that are super high alkalinity, or ones that need to mix for 24hrs. This is just because I store RO/DI and not saltwater and mix on demand.
  10. andrewkw

    10 gallon Sexy Shrimp "reef"

    Here's the nano today. I added a couple of flower anemones. After floating around for a night they both find nice spots. I was originally planning on buying more but found too much other stuff to buy in a rare fish shopping trip. Unfortunately the weekly trips to the lfs are over for now for me and I only have the opportunity to buy fish and coral a few times a year. The only issue with the tank is the toadstool only opens once a week. All the other corals are doing well and this random micmol led light does seem capable of supporting corals at least softies anyway. I mentioned I had originally planned on getting more flower anemones, I did of course find some real nice pieces for my other tanks, but I also found a fish I have wanted for many years. This yellow scopas tang! While he currently is in a 10g (qt) tank he will not be going in with the sexies. He's destined to be my centerpiece fish in my main reef. The funny thing is in the past when I've seen them my wife was very opposed to me spending $200 for a fish that looks like a $30 fish. Now with everything going on in Hawaii the price of yellow tangs has risen making these guys more comparable to the common fish they resemble. That being said this one is not a very bright yellow and his fins look orange. You can tell right away he's a scopas. Sorry to get OT but this is my own thread. I will shoot another video of the tank soon, and hopefully soon I will start to see some egg carrying. I did just recently do a head count and can confirm all 11 sexy shrimp are still alive and well.
  11. andrewkw

    Vodka 22ml a day, nitrates still at 30.

    Ich has less than NOTHING to do with nitrates and phosphates. Nor does stress for that matter. Ich is a parasite. Your fish have to be exposed to it. Either they came with it, or a coral / invert that you added without quarantining brought it in. There are no effective reef safe treatments. There are 3 easy effective treatment methods that can be done outside of the tank. Tank transfer method - you should read about this further elsewhere but imo this is the easiest and least stressful on the fish. It involves moving them 4 times as close to 72hrs as possible into sterile tanks. You need to understand the ich life cycle to understand how this works. Copper - pretty self explanatory follow directions and make sure you treat fish long enough will eliminate ich and many other things - not reef safe, can be hard on certain fish, possibility of over or under dosing if you don't have a copper test kit which imo are usually hard to read. hypo salinity - the most labour intensive but it works too - doesn't have the benefit of killing other things that copper would and more work then ttm but it's proven effective against ich. Keep in mind while these treatments can be done in as little as 12 days your fish cannot return to the display tank for at least 72. Additionally 30ppm should not effect most / all LPS or anemones. What kind of anemone is it? how established is it? more then likely you have other issues at play besides slightly elevated nitrate issues. You will find some SPS tanks running at higher nitrates then 30.
  12. andrewkw

    Vodka 22ml a day, nitrates still at 30.

    You can't expect a 30% water change to reduce nitrates more than 30% which is why I suggested 75% or higher. You can increase the dosage, if you're only increasing 1ml a day you are going to notice a problem before it becomes a real problem. Continue testing and monitoring. IMO there is very little danger in carbon overdosing if you are going slow. Of course if you were to dump a whole bottle in then yes there would be problems but adding slightly more worst case you should end up with a bacterial bloom (slime, cloudy water ect) before you do any real damage. What kind of tank is this? Softies? SPS?
  13. andrewkw

    Vodka 22ml a day, nitrates still at 30.

    I am a big fan of carbon dosing as well and increasing your dosage should work. However a second option would just be to do a large water change if you're looking for quicker results. IE 75% or more.
  14. andrewkw


    Congrats, great looking pico.
  15. andrewkw

    10 gallon Sexy Shrimp "reef"

    Thanks Paul, your own pico was very inspiring to me. I actually just went back to some of my even older posts from 2005. Silly things like me asking how long corals live, and starting the initial fill of my 15 gallon nano reef with tap water. Unfortunately I used photobucket back then so now most of the images are broke like so many great build threads over the years. I was looking at some of my old posts and saw this from that 15 gallon nano "12/29/05 Purchased 16+ lbs of Haiti live rock total $92.00" It's been a long long time since I've seen Haitian lettuce rock and not just because I live out in the country these days...