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  1. Draco

    Congrats, great looking pico.
  2. 10 gallon Sexy Shrimp "reef"

    Thanks Paul, your own pico was very inspiring to me. I actually just went back to some of my even older posts from 2005. Silly things like me asking how long corals live, and starting the initial fill of my 15 gallon nano reef with tap water. Unfortunately I used photobucket back then so now most of the images are broke like so many great build threads over the years. I was looking at some of my old posts and saw this from that 15 gallon nano "12/29/05 Purchased 16+ lbs of Haiti live rock total $92.00" It's been a long long time since I've seen Haitian lettuce rock and not just because I live out in the country these days...
  3. 10 gallon Sexy Shrimp "reef"

    Tank is doing really well considering how new it is. Live rock has really coloured up. This was of course live rock before I added it, it just wasn't under any direct light. Copepod population is exploding. The shrimp of course are doing well too. They seem more active now that there are corals in the tank. I did have a minor issue as 2 got sucked into the hob filter. They were both fine and all 11 are still doing well. I removed the filter since it was only running a couple spoonfuls of carbon anyway. The corals added are just corals I had in my frag tank. Remember where I live now there is no lfs so it's either take from there or wait. I am taking a couple of trips later this month so I do hope to pick up at least a few flower anemones. The toadstool is the only coral that hasn't opened up. I believe it's starting to shed so it may take a while. I put a kenya tree frag in mainly because I have about 50 frags of it. It just grows like crazy in my main display. The blue sponge I've had for years but it never really grows much. It has encrusted to the rock (I did glue it too) so hopefully that's a good sign. Below are some new pics. Additionally here is a video of the tank as of now. I've always shot occasional videos but they were just videos no talking ect. I started actually making youtube videos this year and will document this tank in both photo and video form.
  4. 10 gallon Sexy Shrimp "reef"

    Since I have no lfs I will have to get them on a trip or perhaps have them shipped when the weather warms up. Shipping here is problematic due to the lack of a major hub. This also means I probably have to get them all at once. Probably going to add a test coral or 2 into the tank. The sexy shrimp may eat them but that's just another food source for them since I'll just add something that is overgrown in my other tanks. In my experience they are not 100% reef safe but as long as you are not keeping them in a pico with single polyps of corals they don't really do enough damage to be of any real concern. That being said I've never had more then 3 in the past.
  5. I haven't started a thread on nano reef in many years. First started with a 15g nano in 2005 here, also had a 2 gallon pico for 6 or 7 years and I kept sexy shrimp in there for some time. It was TOTM way back in april 2011 Fast forward to today and I once again have sexy shrimp. A couple of weeks ago I purchased 11 and as of the other day I counted 11 so they are all still alive. I've setup a 10g tank for them and hope to try and raise some babies in the near future. After many years of living close to many great reef shops and weekly or bi weekly shopping trips, a year and a half ago I moved out to a rural area with no reef shops. I've found it boring for a number of reasons including the no reef shops so instead of looking for an ultra low maintenance project, I looked for something that was MORE labor intensive. I actually have lyretail damsels in my 112 gallon mixed reef that spawn regularly but catching them + getting rotifers shipped to me was not appealing, so I got some sexy shrimp shipped to me. Shipping here is mostly a disaster due to the remoteness, and very few places in Canada want to ship Air Canada cargo. Airport to airport is far safer than courier. Regardless I got these guys without incident. Standard 10 gallon, one Korilia powerhead at 425gph, one red sea pico filter with a tablespoon or so of carbon. Half an inch of sugar sized sand, rinsed and clean less one cup seeded from my 90 gallon fowlr. Approximately 3lbs of liverock. This is not even a guestimate just a guess. I took 3 pieces from my frag tank and stuck them in. Minimalist look for once for me, but I may add more rock at a later time. This was actually acid washed live rock that has only been "live" about 4 months, but the glass is already covered in copepods and there are feather dusters growing on the back (tank has been setup exactly 14 days). In the few pieces of rock there were stomatellas, asterina starfish and more. I just got a micmol aqua 300. Mostly because it was cheap and low profile. I currently have the tank on a shelf but it's not exactly level so eventually I'll move it over to a 2x4 stand or something similar and the low profile won't be as much of a concern. I never realized how much of a pain it is to have stuff above a tank. I see fresh water people with these racking systems all the time and after just one tank on a shelf I am rethinking how I want to arrange things. Getting back to the light, it looks really good as far as appearance. It has lots of blue, a couple of uv and is advertised as full spectrum. It's only 24w so it remains to be seen if it can grow coral. I am likely to either do all mini carpet anemones, or all mini rock flowers. I've also thought about mixing them. In my 112 gallon I have 2 mini carpets and one rock flower but I suspect in a small tank this will be more problematic. Since I am in an isolated location I will probably have to get them all in one shot. I *may* add some corals in the mean time to test the light and liven up the tank. 11 sexy shrimp hardly seems enough, sometimes only 2 or 3 are visible, but usually there are at least 6-8 out. I feed them .5mm and 1mm pellets both they seem to take readily. Since they have no predators and the current on the sand strong enough to move the food on the sand this seems to work fine. Here are the first pics : Once I start seeing eggs I will start brine ship hatcheries and setup another tank for the babies ect.
  6. markalot

    Congrats Mark, been following your tanks for many years!
  7. pongpit

    Wow simply amazing. I had a pico tank for over 5 years which also was a TOTM on nano reef and I have to say this one is much more impressive then my former pico. Almost makes me want to start another one. Congrats and keep up the good work!
  8. My first pico! Dymax IQ3 now 5 YEARS OLD!

    I've been meaning to post for a while and rereading some of this has me almost reconsidering but I'm afraid I'm going to take this tank down. It's probably not a surprise to some long time viewers as I normally update more frequently. I just don't pay much attention to it anymore. Some of the corals like the chalice and the anemone and a few palys have been in here more than 5 years the pink chalice probably 6 but the tank has just become too much of a pain. I can't fit anything in to keep the acrylic clean. I forget about water changes ect. I always thought when I moved I'd just throw the whole tank in a 5 gallon bucket but now as I get ready to move this summer I am looking to downsize before I upsize. It has nothing to do with being bored of the hobby or reefing or anything I just have other tanks on the go. Some of you may or may not know but I have lots of other tanks. I am shutting down this tank then my frag tank. I also have a 90 gallon garden eel tank which previously held octopus and cuttlefish before them. That tank is going to be shut down as well. my 180 gallon mixed reef which lately has had my old 112 gallon plumbed into it as a large display fuge will be kept and hopefully upgraded to something in the 300 gallon range. When I first started this tank I wasn't doing too much with reefs and keeping some of the weird creatures listed above as I grew frustrated with my main reef. Overall this has still been the most successful tank ever. It convinced me LED's were for real and the lights will indeed last years and years. I learned 100% or greater water changes are fine for healthy corals, and got to keep a few tiny fish and inverts that would never last in my bigger tanks. I've been reefing for 11 years and still haven't found my theme. I'm looking to get away from the big random mixed reef where everything does okay and go either sps or lps dominated. With that being the case I probably will still operate other styles of tanks so I don't rule out a new nano / pico. With that being said the one condition will be having a strong enough tank that is big enough to support a magnet that can keep the viewing panels clean. This tank started as I picked it up off the shelf while I was waiting to check out at big als. Who would have thought it would last this long. When I do move and upgrade to the "final" tank I am hoping to get many decades out of it. thanks for all the support of this tank over the years and being featured as a tank of the month is still a great honor to me. Andrew
  9. Sand Dollar in reef aquarium

    I kept one for several months many years ago. If I was not on my way out I'd try and find a picture. IMO in a larger tank with a deepish sandbed they should be okay. This was in a 5 foot 112 gallon. What did him in was polyclads (giant flatworms that also went after snails and clams) it would take a good day for him to go over to the other side of the tank but was very active and eating something. While it did leave the sandbed I suspect it was eating stuff in the sand but I don't really know. I wouldn't try in a nano but I might consider another in my 180 although they are rarely for sale.
  10. Kessil AP700 - Release date & Price

    Too much money and 4 feet of coverage is pretty limiting. Sure you might use it on a 3 foot tank, but what about 5-6 foot tanks, 2 would be too much one is not enough and it won't play with the a360s. I love Kessil lights but I don't see myself getting this.
  11. My first pico! Dymax IQ3 now 5 YEARS OLD!

    Well it's not been FIVE long years since I brought this tank home on a whim. Also on impulse I decided to do some major changes today. Well I have been planning to do this for some time I haven't had time but a water change turned into a big big change. First of all I reluctantly did a 100% water change. I worry a bit about the alk shock of using reef crystals salt but it's the only salt I have currently. I managed to carefully get ALL the rock out of the tank, took out all the bits of rubble that at one time had corals or is just random rubble. I scraped off ALL of the green star polyps off the side. They haven't been doing great lately and the sides have basically become impossible to look through. I scraped all sides and the bottom of the tank the best I could. It's not spotless but a LOT LOT better. I reluctantly cut the big pink chalice that has been in the tank almost since day one. I took one side off of it. I probably should have taken 2 sides off. I also cut one of the newer chalices since it really has no where to go and I'd also like to have it in another tank. I started removing about 20-25 yellow polyps but after they opened up again you can barely tell. I think I will try and remove 90-100% of them in the coming weeks. The aquascape has now changed, everything has not settled yet. It's still not perfect but better then before. Corals are not on top of each other and there is still room for a few things. I added some zoos and acan, and clove polyps which have not yet opened. Also I added a small frag of GSP to replace the mat that was there prior. It should not take long for it to grow over. Still planning to do more in the coming weeks and months. Everything is settling in so I will hold off on the FTS for a day or 2. I also want to slightly rearrange some things but it's real close to being left alone again for a few more years before more major changes. The last full pic of the chalice It even grew over a snail (shell)! Reminds me of a square watermellon In the tank it still looks good The other one I cut has recovered nicely as well.. The old water : More to come soon!
  12. I can see why you did this, but why not trade / sell / give away the mushrooms instead of killing them?Also you never mention them but are these hydroids? They look like them http://imageshack.com/i/id90IpCDj I have them in my pico / display but they are very very slow to takeover, taking years to make any kind of progress so I just remove what I can and it keeps them at bay. I wonder what this will look like in another 9 years... Good luck with everything look forward to continuing to follow the Vase..
  13. Fantastic tank, really enjoyed looking through the TOTM writeup. One of the most unique nano's I have seen.
  14. Few Pico questions

    1) Bare bottom or bust. Only benefit imo of sand in pico tank is looks. My tank has been bare bottom for many years and there are still tons of critters crawling around. I also dislike the bare bottom look and run all of my other tanks with anything from very shallow to very deep sand beds. That being said once you pack in the pico it's hard to even tell its bare bottom. 2) any small hob filter will work as long as it fits. I change the filter floss about once a week but you could do it more often should you desire. I also run 1 tablespoon of carbon and half a tablespoon of gfo in there. It's not as ideal as a reactor but no pico reactors exist. Another option for filtration is a mangrove pod. Cheato in such small quantities is a waste of time, but mangroves used in a ratio of 1 for every 1-3 gallons can actually make a filtration difference 3) whatever you like best. There are many different ways to run it, however you may find the par 38 too bright. I use a par 30 bulb.
  15. My first pico! Dymax IQ3 now 5 YEARS OLD!

    Shot this time lapse this morning this is 51 minutes sped up 5000x