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  1. this one seems pretty silent only noise is mainly from the airline intake for the bubbles
  2. yep it goes back in my new 200 gallon tank when mature and stable watch out for pics on my 200g tank soon
  3. biostar hang on at rear of tank to assist on the bio load skimmer and wet dry all in one aquarium lit by 2 x interpet 36w power compact actinic & tri plus lamps
  4. ecosystem 40 filter original lamp supplied junked in favour of compact T5 interpet 12inch 24w tri plus lamp the original pretty pointless really overflow "U" tube drilled at top then glued one way valve so no need for ramming airline tube up and sucking up sum of the water to run overflow "some silly common sense design flawes" i think
  5. sexy shrimp
  6. thriving yellow
  7. rock close up with polyps
  8. side view
  9. heres a better pic from the front view
  10. a pic of my side by side set up