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  1. Now up for sale
  2. I am selling this tank fully stocked as seen in this pic. My tank thread is above. I have simply not had the time to maintain this tank the way it should be. A Lot of the corals have lost a lot of color or browned out. I am sure someone with time and a little love can get this back to where I had it. There are over 60 heads of red hornets, Some lyphostrasea, ponape birdsnest, a green and red monti, AOG, A few rastas, some tubbs blues, a green torch, a green favia (brown). Like I said the corals are all not close to up to par on color. Except the maybe the lypho. All equipment listed on the thread above is inlcuded. There is a Starry blenny, a green wrasse, and a clown as well assorted hermits and snails that need to be increased in number. Pickup in San Lorenzo CA 94580
  3. Nice Tang. I mean tank.
  4. Looks very clean. What size is it?
  5. I'm guessing you?
  6. Must not be fun to have to clean the inside AND outside of the glass! Also, yes you do have to still topoff. There is still evaporation.
  7. St. Patty's day was on Tuesday lad.
  8. is that a great dane or a boxer? or neither?
  9. nice tank! you do like purple don't you!
  10. is that another name for it?
  11. Often confused with yellowtail damsel, the fiji damsel is known for what it is at the cash register.
  12. is that a torch or an anenome?
  13. so is anephelia
  14. he's not moving! did he get stuck to a powerhead too?!