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  1. Now up for sale
  2. I am selling this tank fully stocked as seen in this pic. My tank thread is above. I have simply not had the time to maintain this tank the way it should be. A Lot of the corals have lost a lot of color or browned out. I am sure someone with time and a little love can get this back to where I had it. There are over 60 heads of red hornets, Some lyphostrasea, ponape birdsnest, a green and red monti, AOG, A few rastas, some tubbs blues, a green torch, a green favia (brown). Like I said the corals are all not close to up to par on color. Except the maybe the lypho. All equipment listed on the thread above is inlcuded. There is a Starry blenny, a green wrasse, and a clown as well assorted hermits and snails that need to be increased in number. Pickup in San Lorenzo CA 94580
  3. So when I was doing research into getting my IM Nuvo 30, I had to use the search function to find other tanks and see what people are doing with them. Since I seem to spend so much time on here I thought I would do something like what Stevie T did with the RSM. Actually I was at one point considering the RSM and went through every one of those links until I decided I like the rimless look better. Please feel free to make link suggestions for me to add. Owner's build threads: IM Pico 4 sgtbhaji Zombiezero Serenity reef Sangheili UWdanno IM Nano 8 iSpeakWale diverseyboats bradlondon cyclonewxchick jcardona bobyboy moosebranch moores38 spevjeff watercrawl Obsessed Reefer Adam_T Pals_id Polarcollision zenreefer Jeramy cchsoracle mirya ZeroEvox drfu HVani steverino IM Nano 16 Slaychild Nepenthe Nepenthe #2 jcg66 rathje70 r3m@rk@bl3 jaxtron grandegixxer tswift dr.acula rkum19 jackle boomsnapp indonano sfg mikecsu redkneecoral justice gqjeff StevieT NanoGuy13 pwfletcher neverrain Stormie floydie83 x3thelast rdck99 amored azuly Boneshaker claval01 B&Y treedog5 O-man21 throbbinjack tlombardo CrazyCarl Steensj tbunnelldo Sk8n Reefer Kenmak2008 IM Nano 24 Jay Wee defender.TX Eckozulu Ticklem Middreef Sangheili Egginis Hammerheadv13 charlie truong TEAMIM24 gsgentry polarcollision akaeding Mirya Newtybar IM Micro 30 Joel sandoman Jgpico endy0430 nanojeep450 cmac07 islandoftiki Paradizecityz Creeper Ky triangle_11 drfu IM Mini 38 notthesizethatcounts grand nano BusterDB Chadgarner Zninerfan maizenblue00 livewyr25 rmrlsu coolhandreefer shughes38 Pals_id cdub1955 iNTEL Fusion 10 R0DD timinaz Fusion 20 Obsessed Reefer NanoDiver gerber54 BuckeyeFish Sageblade24 Fusion 30L Bobyboy Yikesjason Nueok Admonition Bodasifa JLB1615 Fusion 40 snowflake_clown Eckozulu SR-80 gahumphrey So obviously this is a fairly new line of tanks so there are not a gazillion like the biocube, nanocube, etc. I also did not add tanks that haven't been updated in the last 6 months. Feel free to comment and ask me to add your tank. Also any thread links that have to do with modifications, upgrades etc.
  4. Nice Tang. I mean tank.
  5. Looks very clean. What size is it?
  6. I'm guessing you?
  7. Must not be fun to have to clean the inside AND outside of the glass! Also, yes you do have to still topoff. There is still evaporation.
  8. St. Patty's day was on Tuesday lad.
  9. is that a great dane or a boxer? or neither?
  10. nice tank! you do like purple don't you!
  11. is that another name for it?
  12. Often confused with yellowtail damsel, the fiji damsel is known for what it is at the cash register.
  13. is that a torch or an anenome?
  14. so is anephelia