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  1. http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/321764-joels-im-nuvo-30-now-razor-nano-powered/ I am selling this tank fully stocked as seen in this pic. My tank thread is above. I have simply not had the time to maintain this tank the way it should be. A Lot of the corals have lost a lot of color or browned out. I am sure someone with time and a little love can get this back to where I had it. There are over 60 heads of red hornets, Some lyphostrasea, ponape birdsnest, a green and red monti, AOG, A few rastas, some tubbs blues, a green torch, a green favia (brown). Like I said the corals are all not close to up to par on color. Except the maybe the lypho. All equipment listed on the thread above is inlcuded. There is a Starry blenny, a green wrasse, and a clown as well assorted hermits and snails that need to be increased in number. Pickup in San Lorenzo CA 94580
  2. I have a colony of 50+ red hornets that I would be interested in either selling as a colony or in frags. I have been out of the frag game for a while so I would love to hear what people think would be a fair price for the colony as a whole or per poylp. I would prefer local pickup in the Bay area, but would consider shipping. Thanks!
  3. I have the maxspect razor nano. I have had it about two years. I feel like in the last month my corals have lost signifigant color. Is there anything I should be doing to maintain my light? I know it is probably a water issue, but I want to to make sure I have all my bases covered. Thanks!
  4. Thanks tiki, Got mine in the mail today so installing it here soon.
  5. Not sure if you are still active, but did you upgrade your stock return pump on this? If so what did use? Having trouble finding something that will fit,
  6. Hey for those of you guys who have replaced the stock pumps in your nuvos, what have you replaced them with? I think I need some more flow in my 30. The stock pump is 317GPH. What would you guys recommend to replace the stock pump?
  7. Updated. I am not on here often any more. (2 kids, busy job) so if I missed your post just send me a message and I will add you. If you do not post a link I will not add it. Not going to do a search for your thread.
  8. I will update it as soon as someone posts their link here.
  9. The amount of Nuvos that crack is very low percentage. People need to relax. My transmission went out on my Honda at 100k miles but they are still great cars
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