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    I am actually very interested in SCUBA diving and that is what got me started in nano-reef keeping. So rather than spending thousands of dollars on a dive trip I can see a bit of the ocean every day here in my own home.
  1. What to use for BLACK BACK

    Thanks everyone for your help. I am tired of staring at the wall though the tank!
  2. What is wrong with these zoos?

    I know that you think it is pointless and obsessive compulsive but it was a remedy that helped my zoos beat the disease. So no need to hate. And on another note I did say take it for what it's worth.
  3. need HELP w/ SADDLEBACK clown

    The tank is 7 months old. I feed my corals and make sure the stars are fed, I also feed mine krill but not as often as I watch them eat every time I feed. My two serpants (especially the one) are very active. Always moving about always running around the tank they are fun to watch. (the lazy one kind of does what you explained just chills under the rock untill feeding time then he goes crazy too!) I am sure it just has to do with different types. (I think brittle stars are pretty lazy). I will consider feeding them more often
  4. What to use for BLACK BACK

    What do you use to cut this stuff down to the size you need? wow fast response, ya I was just checking the webpage out, looks cheap and perfect!
  5. What to use for BLACK BACK

    Thats bad news to me.... here is the problem. The tank is already set up we were so excited about it that we just put it together and I figured I would paint it later. I didn't know the type of paint was spray paint. There is only enough room for my hand and a brush or a panel. Is there any type of paint that can be applied with a brush?
  6. What to use for BLACK BACK

    I know there is a thread about this somewhere but my search failed me so here it goes. What sort of paint do I use on the outside of the tank for the black background affect?
  7. Monti Cap care advice.

    Mr. Anderson, Your argument rocks. I have found that I am an excellent reef keeper all because of my knowledge of the ocean and from diving and learning more. PS that rocks your a marine biologist! TMC13 that is beautiful, that pic makes me want to take a shot at montis. This thread made me laugh.
  8. What is wrong with these zoos?

    I just thought I would add my 2 cents about zoa pox. If it turns out that you have both the fungal infection and zoa pox. I just wanted to say that I have discoved a different treatment other than furan for zoa pox. (as you will not want to use furan) (take it for what it's worth my colony was pretty healthy) I found that you can actually physically remove the zoa pox spots with a pair of sharp tweezers. I hand removed all of the spots in 3 or 4 different sessions (when I found reoccuring spots) and I do not have zoa pox anymore. Also if you brush the zoos off with a soft bristled tooth brush it will help to remove the pox and green algae and depris that appear to be building up on the zoos. This would naturally be taken care of in the ocean with strong surge currents (but since your tank doesn't have that we improvise with a toothbrush!) Good luck
  9. need HELP w/ SADDLEBACK clown

    Bump. So does anyone else have any problems with serpant stars fishing? Are they agressive? Or is it less of the stars problem and more that the fish was going to die anyway???? Any thoughts?
  10. Unwanted crab EATING my LPS!

    WOO HOO!! The crab has been located, poked at and flushed as of today! Horray no more eaten corals!!
  11. need HELP w/ SADDLEBACK clown

    The clown was a good 1 1/2 inches he was a medium sized fish. I do not know if he was tank raised but before we bought him we watched him in the tank and he was swimming all over the place. My serpant star was sitting on top of a rock yesterday more bloated than I have ever seen him. EVIL starfish!!! I know he ate him alive because 20 mins before the starfish ate him he was alive and I had hope that he was going to pull through.
  12. need HELP w/ SADDLEBACK clown

    Some unfortunate news... The saddleback died last night I found him with a flashlight one fin sticking out of my serpant stars belly and the surpant star looking very bloated..... Is this a common problem? Will Serpants attack fish that are too mello? Is it a possiblity that he had been stinging him all day and that is why he was breathing heavy... This really frustrates me because Saddlebacks are my most favorite fish!!! I am not using any phosphate stuff. I rely purely on 10gal water changes every 3 weeks for nutrient replenishing. I have a 55 gal. I am also baffled at the fact that the saddlebacks fins stayed up the whole time even 2 hrs before he died. Why was the star able to catch him? Why can't I keep saddlebacks? but yet I can grow all types of coral???? Reefing sucks sometimes! Thank you for all the information. However I do not know if I am going to get another saddleback it is too heartbreaking to watch them die. Any imput is greatly appreciated.
  13. need HELP w/ SADDLEBACK clown

    Hello I need some suggestions, I just bought a saddleback clown this weekend. He is acting very strange. He looks fairly healthy and all the specs on my tank look great. His behavior is strange, he is just hanging out on the bottom and only swimming every now and then. There are no fish in the tank that are picking on him, and he has acted like this for 2 days now. His fins are out and his skin looks okay he just isn't moving very much. He is breathing very rapid. I am worried about him. Is it possible he has a swim bladder issue? Or maybe these fish do not ship well? Does anyone have any ideas? I have bought one before strait off a shipment that died within hours of me putting him into the tank. PS I also have cleaner shrimp in the tank, although I saw no signs for ick or parasites when I bought him.
  14. Unwanted crab EATING my LPS!

    Thanks everyone for your help. The crab has been in hiding for about a week now I think he heard me talking about killing him and now I cannot find him. But thanks for the advice.
  15. Unwanted crab EATING my LPS!

    Why Club Soda? And why my Brain coral????? grrrr!!!