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  1. Deacons Solana

    Thanks guys! Its not exactly what i had planned but im digging not worrying about it. Everything has either morphed or colored up a lot for me (not that the pics show the true colors). I will throw in an updated shot once i go zoa crazy at the lfs again. Thanks again for the compliments,in the tanks defence it looks way better in person.
  2. Deacons Solana

    Zoa garden made up mostly of common morphs... Flash I like these ones,they look metalic gold/yellow in person.. More commons... New rainbowy wellso i snagged the other day A nice macro of my rainbow yuma
  3. Deacons Solana

    Hey nano-reef its been a while! (6 years haha) I thought id post up pics of my current tank for fun. Specs... Starphire Solana 34g AI sol blue MP 10w es skimmer was a deltec mce300 but i dropped it while cleaning it all drunk. DD salt tap water haha Tanks been running for 1.5 years but i just started stocking a few months ago. I havent WC in well over 8 months now! Its been an easy low maintenance setup and seems bullet proof. Theres only a bangaii cardinal for fish and a clean up crew. Anyways here it is. Sorry for the crappy pics.
  4. Which softies release toxins?

    Leathers will def. effect the growth of sps long term,but lps and softies shouldnt matter really.
  5. Solana owners?

    Solanas arent exactly perfect,the textured back wall would be one complaint (wishing i did the smooth acrylic mod first). Your best bet is to get a ada cube and gl#######s.com overflow kit.
  6. Jobs involving our hobby

    If your really into this hobby my advise is to work in another field,youll come to realize you lose your passion and hobby as its now something most ppl dont like to do...(work) lol. Ive been running a small crew at a wholesaler for years now and its ruined my hobby. Its the same thing as a pizza delivery guy,you think he wants to come home to a pizza? The owners of the company do pretty well for themselves though and are also even more removed from the fun aspect,all they see is dollar signs.
  7. Has anyone seen this Rainbow Acan anywhere?

    There is a very nice ultra rainbow om RC right now..
  8. Neon Pink Coral

    armour of god palys,and numerous other neon pink zoanthids and palys.
  9. Josh's 20L mostly SPS mixed reef

    nice mermaids cups
  10. New flower leather.....

    Its ok man,they take a week sometimes its just gunna shed a layer and it should pop back to normal.If its dead you should be able to tell,it will look almost like a pile of mush IME.
  11. my 4.5 cube

    Thanks Adin and zerog,the pumps just a korlia nano,the red macro i have no idea what it is,its native to the carribean though.All of the algeas came in on my rock so ive just left it grow out and basically everything in this tank has to fend for itself lol.I do scrub the branch rock though it was uncured .The lighting is 3x13 watt pc's 1-10k and 2-true actinic,and one 8 watt t-5 actinic blue,and a 1 watt moonlight.
  12. my 4.5 cube

    Well thank you very much.
  13. Homemade Picos?

  14. 5g ADA Rimless - 24 Months in

    You sound like u have a good grasp on it,but the problem is once u add any of those 3 its there for good (almost).GSP you could get rid of and xenia isnt impossible but once rooted 1 little root of grapes in ur rock and it pops up over and over.I once had it take over a tank it was no fun.Xenia u can cut at the base and frag glue a rock over it. I wouldnt want to see your awesome tank turn into a fuge. Deacs
  15. 5g ADA Rimless - 24 Months in

    IMO u may have just screwed this tank adding grape caulerpa,under a MH light it goes crazy and once rooted you can never get rid of it.The tank does look awesome tho right now.