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  1. FS: Mini darth maul colony

    Pending... Jesse
  2. I bought this frag at RAP last year. I need to come up with some cash so I must part with them. There are 18 polyps and growing. I am in Huntington Beach and am not interested in shipping at this time. Looking for $240obo. Thanks for looking. Jesse
  3. To bio-wheel or not, that is the question!

    Toss them. They cannot complete the nitrogen cycle because there is no anaerobic region. As a result, the nitrates are never converted to nitrogen gas. HTH, Jesse
  4. Tank shots!

    Nice shots. Hows this? Jesse
  5. Nano-Reef.com 8th Birthday Giveaway

    Wow 8 years! great prizes BTW! Jesse
  6. G9 v. G10

    I love my Crumpler 6 million dollar home bag for my XSi... you may want to check out Crumplers smaller bags/cases like the medium Bundle, maybe even the 1 million dollar home. HTH, Jesse
  7. G9 v. G10

    Set it to shoot RAW for tank pics. Jesse
  8. Calling All Photographers!

    I dont know if these ones work for you but you can use them... Jesse
  9. D50

    Have you considered an XTi? Here is a side-by-side... http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/compare_po...50&show=all You should be able to find an XTi for $350 and I think you would have a better camera IMO. Jesse
  10. Clowns at DeathCo

    Why risk it, and why support their sale of saltwater fish?? Jesse
  11. Pic's too blue HELP...

    Yeah custom WB and def shoot RAW. Jesse
  12. A mag 7 with 6' head and 4 90* elbows with 1" diam pipes will give you about 350gph. Dr. F&S sells the mag 7 for $68. Jesse

    Are you considering buying the original digital rebel that came out in 2003? Why not buy a refurb XTi with 18-55mm IS lens from adorama for $430 shipped? At least the XTi is only a year or so old. Jesse