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  1. fifty50's Reef Octopus 32g

    tank is now in rebuild mode. got sick of the cyano. vacuumed out the sump, took out all the rock and brushed it clean of cyano, and removed any dead SPS only coral that survived my lack of husbandry the past 6mo are the zoanthids and the duncans. i'll give it a few weeks, if no signs of algae then i'll start possibly collecting more coral.
  2. Maxspect Razor Owners thread

    so what're your timing schedules! i feel like mine was too long and was/is fueling my cyan outbreak. changed it to the following: 07:00 0 1 10:00 25 35 13:30 35 70 16:00 65 85 19:30 50 70 20:30 0 0 thoughts?
  3. SPS Dominated 30g or less water chem?

    i went from manually dosing BRS 2part to BRS Kalk in my ATO. so far so good!
  4. fifty50's Reef Octopus 32g

    Update: unfortunately i've been procrastinating on tank maintenance and it shows since my daughter was born 3mo ago... Been battling cyano on the sandbed for the last few weeks. otherwise the coral has been growing in nicely! so since i've started this tank i've been dosing BRS 2part manually and topping off manually due to no space in the cabinet for an ATO reservoir. earlier this week i decided to get a container to stick IN the return chamber to be used as my ATO reservoir and finally put my Tunze Osmolator to use instead of only using it when I go on vacations. Along with ATO, I picked up some BRS kalk to keep my levels on par. figured i'd kill two stones with this approach and now I have no need to dose anything manually! we'll see how this goes. right now just starting off with 1tsp of kalk per gallon of RODI. I'll get some photos up once the cyano subsides and the tank is picture worth again!
  5. Karen's Reef Octopus Luxury 32g

    How's the tank going?
  6. Reef Octopus T90 Quality?

    I have the T60 which is just a smaller version. I forget what shipping charges were but it was freight shipping. I think the quality is great. I also went with their overflow. Haven't had any issues with it. I'd recommend this setup.
  7. Karen's Reef Octopus Luxury 32g

    then i think you reversed your channels. white is much higher than blue!
  8. Karen's Reef Octopus Luxury 32g

    barely any blue!
  9. Karen's Reef Octopus Luxury 32g

    What settings are you running your Razor at?
  10. Karen's Reef Octopus Luxury 32g

    looking great!
  11. Karen's Reef Octopus Luxury 32g

    good news considering. hope they make it!
  12. Karen's Reef Octopus Luxury 32g

    Yea, if I miss a FedEx delivery of livestock I call and have them retry delivery or hold it at the facility. Allows me to still get it the same day. Good news on the cycle being complete! Lets see this thing stocked!
  13. Replace bearings in vortech mp10

    ill be replacing my mp10 bearings soon.
  14. fifty50's Reef Octopus 32g

    yea, i've pushed the baffle all the way down. it's a nice steady stream going over, but not enough to disrupt the water in the return chamber (if that makes sense).
  15. What's your favorite reef supplements?

    BRS 2 part and Salifert Amino Acids.