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  1. $65 shipped for both lights?
  2. FS: Tunze 9002 DOC Skimmer

  3. FS: Tunze 9002 DOC Skimmer

    Pending sale....
  4. FS: Tunze 9002 DOC Skimmer

    http://www.finsreef.com/product.php?produc...=299&page=1 $90 shipped quickly with paypal payment. Selling b/c I'm going to be running Sapphire Aquatic's BioCube 29G specific recirculating skimmer. Allows me to keep the tank unmodified and the top closed. Great nano skimmer and quite quiet. Have the box,instructions, and cleaning brush which will come with. Since I'm not on NR.com that often please email me via the board. If you need any feedback on me check out RC's feedback forum or my local reef club's board. www.rasoc.org/forums I'm Ox there and the admin of it.
  5. [OPEN] Rick J G

    Hey Rick-Long time no chat and it's been a while since you've updated this thread with pics. Been a LONG time since I've been on NR.com. Lots of things have changed and lots of things haven't changed. Still got the old Alife in storage? Mine has seen better days but it's still kicking with the same single 27W light. NC6 is looking quite nice.
  6. Austera

    Austera and some M. Vietnamensis in the background (two different varieties).
  7. "Chronicles of Zeovit" by Onthefly...

    Definitely agree with you on the food source vs. nutrient reduction needs.
  8. "Chronicles of Zeovit" by Onthefly...

    OTF-Long time. Glad I stopped by the forums and saw this. Definitely going to stay subscribed.
  9. OxInYourBox's 29G

    He's doing quite well and well on his way even though the pics show otherwise. It will take time but he will definitely make a full recovery (barring any natural disasters). New tank pics tomorrow hopefully. Tunze definitely rearranged my tank for me.
  10. OxInYourBox's 29G

    http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2005-06/sp/index.php Technically MHHLE but most people call it HLLE or LLE.
  11. OxInYourBox's 29G

    Last pics of the tank before the Tunze addition. A bit has changed since by choice and some not but such is life. VHO Actinics only with some white balance tossed in: Here's my purple tang rescue in his 15G hospital tank recovering from his HLLE. Those that saw him know how bad it was: This shot shows that he has a long way but he's healthy and eating enriched (Selcon, Boyd's, Garlic Xtreme) mysis, bloodworms, cyclopeeze, and nori each day. To give you an idea his entire face was white when I got him during the tank tour so he's definitely making headway (he's not as fat as I'd like but I'd rather not overfeed the tank): More pics tomorrow. Large green cap (don't worry Phil it's not yours ) is fragged and other corals have been moved around. Weird seeing the tank with just one powerhead in it.
  12. OxInYourBox's 29G

    Thanks FishFreak and Msigler. Nothing really to show unless you want an actinic only shot. FishFreak-Nice zoa's. We should meet up at Steve's and swap sometime.
  13. OxInYourBox's 29G

    Quick update on the tank-I noticed last night that my female percula was gravid. About the best pic I could get of her even though I took 50 or so. Haven't managed one showing her ovipositor unfortunately. I forgot to check the tank this morning to see if she had laid during the night which I'm guessing she did. Vert20 is going to collect the eggs from the next batch to work on raising them at his shop. He's done a great job with GSM's. For those wondering about the black spots-they are a natural response to the stinging from hosting in something other than an anemone: You can definitely tell the male loves his host. I have pics of them settled in for the night. He's almost all the way hidden while she's a bit too large to be hidden.
  14. OxInYourBox's 29G

    The sump is from Typhon. I've reengineered things from how he had it originally but it works well. Those waffle looking things are the bottom of ceramic tiles. I have them in the sump getting ready to hold frags (have 3 right now with zoa's, digi, and cap frags attaching) to sell. Kalk reactor is setup and running well.
  15. OxInYourBox's 29G

    Thanks sspanker! Right now everything is recovering from the heat and light acclimation so it will be a while. Decided to take some shots today. I messed around with exposure and white balance on these shots so they aren't as blue as normal but Typhon can attest to the color differences or likenesses: Full tank shot: Zoa's (Some of my zoa rocks have a red macro alagae that the yellow tang loves more than nori so I doubt they'll ever open up again more than a polyp or two at a time ): More Zoa's: Time to bring online the kalk reactor (finalizing leak testing now ) and build a CA Reactor: Frag grow out and more reasons for reactors: The clowns bed (stings the **** out of them): Love these side shots: The messy sump (once I have everything setup-litermeter, reactors, etc.) the switches are being labelled and everything neatened up.