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  1. $65 shipped for both lights?
  2. Austera and some M. Vietnamensis in the background (two different varieties).
  3. Yep you'll be fine. I only dose CA on my 29G (Intense SPS) and the rest of the tanks (3 coral 2 invert) are doing fine with weekly water changes (IO for 2 years just switched to Oceanic this week) .
  4. I mounted mine to the pendant. Got the automotive ones at an auto parts store that are on swivel bases (target has them as well) and wire/mounted two. This way I can direct their light as I want each night.
  5. Good luck on your move and upgrade. Sounds almost like my 29G minus the closed loop and canopy. I didn't have enough time to plan out a closed loop (or space) so I went with powerheads.
  6. He's setting the stage for a 200G hopefully. Very nice setup minus the brass.
  7. You haven't spent nothing yet. Wait until the addiction sets in and you wake up with 6 sw tanks between your house and work. It gets scary. Great start on the bow BTW.
  8. I'm interested in the 32w setup. LMK if it's still for sale.
  9. 8 hours is what I run my 250W SE. Are you going to do any actinic supplementation? If not I'd switch over to the AB 20K bulb if you want more blue as the bulb listed is a pure white.
  10. I enjoyed mine while I had it setup. I ran the stock light along with two other PC's on it. I used some legos to create holders for the lights so that they were literally level with the top of it. Evap was a PITA as I couldn't get it sealed and I went with the DIY air valve setup for top off. Ended up breaking it down in lieu of a 5G mantis tank. Still a nice lil tank. Love the pics Jim.
  11. Glad to hear. I'm going to do it soon.
  12. Looking good Von.
  13. http://www.aquaticwarehouse.com/ You'll have to call as it isn't listed on their website. Let us know if they still carry it and how much.
  14. Looking damn good Case!!