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  1. FS: EcoTech Vortech MP10 ES - $210 shipped

    Bump. Still available.
  2. I purchased 2 of these pumps but only ended up needing one. Pretty powerful little guys. This box has never been opened. Would rather help out a fellow reefer than deal with the hassle of returns... $210 via Paypal gets it shipped to your door.
  3. What I meant is that this has the ecosmart controller. It's not the wireless controller though so it won't sync with multiple units.
  4. Still available, absolutely brand new - box never opened. I purchased 2 and only ended up needing one. $220 INCLUDES free shipping in Continental U.S. NOTE: To avoid any confusion, this is the latest model MP10ES - not the MP10wES Thanks!
  5. [mod - please delete]

    Sorry, accidentally reposted
  6. This is the plain vanilla ultra-powerful nano-sized MP10 ES - NOT the wireless syncing MP10w ES.
  7. Sorry Jacky - I received too many PMs from this post! Responded to your email and issued a refund. Hope you find the right one! -Zack
  8. WTB: BC14 tank + hood

    Looking to buy a BC14. I plan to rip apart the hood so as long as all the pieces are there I don't care if it works. I'm really just looking for glass + hood with splash guard. Will pay $100 + reasonable shipping.
  9. Absolutely brand new - box is unopened. I purchased 2 of these pumps and only ended up needing one - they're that powerful! $230 includes shipping in Continental U.S. NOTE: To avoid any confusion, this is NOT the wireless version. It's the regular MP10 ES. Thanks!
  10. Thanks. Seems can't buy anywhere online as model has been discontinued. Will try support.
  11. Anybody have one for sale or know where I can buy one?
  12. Saw this image while browsing Flickr and was wondering what type of coral this is. It looked kind of like a leather but I don't think it is. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks!
  13. Picture of firefish in my BC8

    Thanks for all of the compliments! Just FYI, I ordered this guy from liveaquaria.com Not sure if all of their firefish are this colorful, but I feel lucky. He was quite shy at first, but now is out in front of the tank almost all of the time. Nick, The reason it looks like that is because I was shooting at a wide aperture (f 2.8) with a 50mm lens. (Canon 10D, fro those who care). The fish itself was ALL the way towards the front of the tank - almost against the glass, and the rocks are a little set back. The lens and wide aperture results in a very shallow depth of field, so the fish is in really sharp focus and the rocks (which are really only an inch or two behind him) appear more blurry. This makes the fish really "pop," especially with the bright colors. I'll post more when I get the chance!
  14. Wow it's been so long. Tank's still up and running great! I think I'm in love with a fish...
  15. NEW BioCUBE 8 Setup - PICS, MODS, BEER!

    I just made a video of my tank. Check it out! I wish YouTube's quality was a little better - the original is much sharper. Let me know what you think!