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  1. The METROpolitan: Kat's New Journey

    Is all this nano reef tank nonsense still going on?
  2. The METROpolitan: Kat's New Journey

    You're spoilt!
  3. Kat's Birthday Party

    New thread? I just got back to this one.
  4. Kat's Birthday Party

    There's just no satisfying you since I was around. ? I don't know why they don't believe you. Those cockroaches came in handy too. I mean I did send you a mummy for Xmas in exchange that year.
  5. Kat's Birthday Party

    What the hell's been going on around here lately? What boyfriend number are you on nowadays? It's like the Smurfs lined up outside of Smurfette's house.
  6. sold

    Sale pending. I'll post pics if the sale falls through.
  7. sold

    Sold! Thanks.
  8. sold

    Sold thanks.
  9. Radion XR15W Pro w/Reeflink

    All PM's replied to.
  10. Selling a four month old Radion XR15W Pro with hanging kit and Reeflink. Never used above 20%. Looking to get $450 shipped.
  11. sold

    About two hours from York give or take. No it's art from a Jaws ad.
  12. sold

    Sold! Thanks.
  13. I'm Back and I Have A Wedgie

    Just picked these up from my friend's store. His pic of course. We have the same camera but he's way better at taking pics.
  14. I'm Back and I Have A Wedgie

    Beginning of a dream come true here.