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  1. You're spoilt!
  2. New thread? I just got back to this one.
  3. Anyone who owns an Innovative Marine Nuvo aquarium I have a few questions. What size do you have? What lighting are you using? What light mount are you using? What protein skimmer are you using? What circulation pumps/powerheads are you using? What do you like and dislike about the design? Did you make any addition/upgrades?
  4. That's pretty damn awesome.
  5. I don't think octos trying to escape means their aquarium is too small. They're just inquisitive and need a tight fitting lid. Was yours a cold water species? Warm water species don't live two years and don't get as big.
  6. Tank is a 40 breeder. He's been in the family about a year now. Thanks Kat! Caronte is that your seahorse in your avatar?
  7. PM me info on these and the strawberries please!
  8. Whoa. How hardy are these? Can you PM me some info?
  9. Wow! I want one.
  10. If you're fraggin' I'm buyin'.
  11. Wow! What's the pricing on all these guys?
  12. They're both great photos.
  13. Lookin' good.
  14. Thanks Tom! Someone got a new macro lens and had to do some test shots.