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  1. Cracking down on crappy fish stores

    Hi, Its the same the whole world over... The number of times I have travelled miles in response to an advert for so called 'greatest collection of marines in the south' etc etc...or a similiar glowing advert..to find a shop with 2 tanks!...or tanks that I would not float excrement in let alone fish!! one in London in particular springs to mind...if it is still going.. we, thats me & my buddies, report these to the RSPCA (Royal Society for Cruelty to Animals) here in the UK. The problem locally here, is no licencing required, other than a City & Guilds Certificate in pet care! It also makes me cringe to think these guys sell lion fish, rabbit fish, and many other potentially dangerous fish to juveniles! get off my soapbox now...Dave
  2. My clown has aggression problems

    Hi, my clowns which are a few ins long give the picasso trigger as good as it gives if it gets aggressive! particularly the slighter bigger one (female)...in the past when I had a pair of maroon clowns I was often bitten by the female in particular when cleaning the glass! not enough to draw blood but a sharp nip never the less! Our local shop is starting to list some clowns for sale as 'aggressive' (clarkii, tomato) as the current pandemic of 'Nemoism' means that novices buy these and may get bitten. This aggresion is more prevelant if a host anemone or coral is present. Cheers! Dave
  3. Water change routine

    Hi Be careful about using plastic garbage containers from your hardware store, particularly the black ones, as they can 'leach' out chemicals in to salt water! These may not be measurable.. it would be better to use fermentation tubs often used for home brewing..I do and they also have good carrying handles & of course a bung to keep the dirt out. hope this helps....David
  4. Nao Reefers in UK

    No I do not have the uk nano forum address..can you email it to me? userdvd9380@aol.com. Thanks david
  5. Nao Reefers in UK

    Hi, are there any nano reefers in the UK that are memebers of nano-reef.com? Would be pleased to hear from them for advice/discussion! Thanks, Dave
  6. How Did You Discover Nano Reef Keeping?

    I discovered nano reefkeeping thru the magazine 'CORAL' Vol1 Issue 2.Superb articles & photos! Also in this months 'Practical Fishkeeping', a Uk magazine, there is another good article. I have written to the editor asking for further details from the author. (he mentions this website as a good source of info!) I currently do not have a'nano reef' but 60 litre marine tank with a small picasso trigger, 2 clowns, and an iris wrasse. and one lone hermit! The tank has been going for some time now. i am still exploring the possibilties of setting up a nano reef tank so would be pleased to hear from members particularly any in the UK. We do not seem to have the availability of 'kit' that you have in the USA..still looking! Dave