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  1. What to do with old NC

    Is this true for my 2005 24G NC ? I have been removing the 4 screws and taking the hinges off with the hood.
  2. Chamber 2. Weather or not you run any filter medium in chamber is independent.
  3. drip unit

    Are they bags of bottles ? It you have the plastic bottles with the screw on lid ... I'll take one. Kevin

    88 Deg, Ouch. Are you in the Southern hemisphere ?
  5. Stock Fans CFM?? Tank still HOT!

    Thanks for the link DamageInc ! Even though this link is 10 months old ... It was very helpful in finding my fans. Kevin
  6. Stock Fans CFM?? Tank still HOT!

    web guy, So what was the temp of the eflux air ? And what is your final cooling solution ? I know your tank was new when this thread was started and now is approaching one yeay old ... so ... what have you learned. My 26G NC is just under 5 months old now, FWIW. Kevin
  7. Free cleaing crew

    Thanks, I'll check them out.
  8. Nano Cube chamber

    Chamber 1 (Top to bottom) Floss Chemi Pure , 1 unit, changed every 4 months SeaGel, 75 ml, changed every 4 months - 2 months after the Chemi Pure A little bit of the original sponge to act as a shelg for the above, to go when I can find a little EGG CRATE. Mini Jet 404 that pumps over the top and out to the IceProbe chiller, returns near the stock return. Chamber 2 (Bottom to top) A little LR rubber banded to my macro algae, keeling it from floating in the flow Macro Algae, fed my the water flow and the 13 Watt PC that is Velcroed to the outside back of chamber 2. PC run when the tanks PC's are off. Chamber 3 Mini Jet 404 Theo 25 Watt heater Ice Probe Controler temp probe Thermometer temp probe titanium ground probe Also have a Power Sweep 212 in the desplay tank, 125 gal/hour So total of 280 gal/hour circulation, for only 22.5 watts of pump heat 160 GPH going thru the chemical media, from there 80 GPH to the IceProbe chiller and 80 GPH through the refugium.
  9. pumps

    I wouldn't use the stock pump with the MJ 1200. It is a 25 watt pump, adds lots of heat to your NC.
  10. Coraline

    It may but I've got pink and purple growing all over my 24g NC without useing any thing to boost it's growth. So it may work but certianly not nessicary.
  11. Do you use a protein skimmer?

    Where do I vote on the poll ?

    I haven't tried the Nano Chiller but I did just get my IceProbe chiller hooked up and working today. So far so good ... It's been on a little over 3 hours now and it's dropped the temperature 0.4 degrees. It is on a 24 gallon Nano Cube, stock lighting (36 W x 2 ), 3 pumps.
  13. Mabey I should add that tne Ice probe is rated to pull out 50 watts of heat per hour.
  14. Hi, I have a question about the water flow through my chiller. Ihave the Ice Probe Chiller and there proportional temprature controler. I have read that the flow should be low so Ibought the Mini-Jet 404 pump. Its rated at 25 - 106 GPH and at the 12" lift I'll be useing its good for about 23 - 85 GPH. I suspect the answer to my question of best flow rate is dependant on these variables: Ice Probe will be behind the tank in a water jacket 24 Gal tank (Nano Cube 24) 22.5 Watts Total heat input from my 3 pumps Stock lighting / 72 watts ( Will go to 132 watts soon as the chiller up and running) Stock twin fans in the Nano Hood Thanks for your time, Just wondering if I should use 23 or 85 GPH ?