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  1. Would 18 watts of PC light over a 12x12x10 tank be enough for some low light SPS. It would be pretty shellow due to the over flow built in. Im guessing maybe 7-8" of water to the top of the sand bed. I dont know if this is shollow enough for PC and SPS. Thanks. Izzie
  2. Acrylic Vs Plastic

    What would u choose for a drilled costum aquarium and why? Im making an aquarium 12x12x10 and was wondering weather to use acrylic or glass. Im scared to use acrylic due to scratching it when i scared my glass clean. Does it really scratch that easy??? Thanks Izzie
  3. Custom aquarium advice

  4. Thinking of making a cube. 12"x12"x12". then i got thinking maybe 12x12x10 so it be shellower and more light would reach the lower parts. Then i couldnt decide if i should go glass or acrylic...i want to drill it and i had a glass drilled tank crack so im scared of that. But then im scared for cleaning coraline and stuff off acrylic ill scratch it....and i dont want that....so what would u do if you were me....thanks. Izzie oh it will have 5 holes drilled in it. With built in over flow so 3 of the holes are in the bottem of the over flow area.
  5. What is this on my clown

    Im starting to feed mysis. Had it just it was to big for them to eat befor so i was only feeding cyclopeeze. Now that its of size im feeding mysis. I also have 2 cleaner shrimp in there. How long does it take for a vitamen deficince to clear up. Thanks. Izzie
  6. The pic is in my gallary. Not sure why the link isnt working. There are only maybe 10 pics in the gallary so it wont be hard to spot the sick fish. Izzie
  7. What is this on my clown

    The white stuff around its mouth. The white spot on its sides not there....it must have been on the glass or something.
  8. I finally got a pic of my sick clown. Its not very good but it someone shows the disease. It started off as a white dot a little bigger then ick. Now it has progressed and has started to turn my fishes whole face white. It also looks like it is sort of eating away at my one clowns lips. It has affected the 2 smaller ones. My bigger one and tang dont have any signs of it at all. The 2 sick clowns have been eating as normal. I have been soaking the food in garlic. All the behaviour is normal. Other then today i did notice the one clown kinda twitching but it lasted maybe 2 mins and thats all i have noticed of it. There is no scratching or anything at all out of the ordinary. Breathing normal, eating swiming you name it its all normal other then this stuff on them. Nothing new has been added to the tank and i have had the clowns for 3 months with no signs of illness at all. I did however move them into a 55g from a 20g and also put the bigger clown with them. He was in a 10g. My water is all good, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 0.5, ph 8.2, s.g. 1.023, temp 80F. All tests are selfrit tests. Whatever they have is not fluffy like cotton or anything. Any ideas at all are supper helpful. Also it be great if u could tell me if u think its parasitic, fungal or bacterial. Thanks. Izzie Heres the link to the pic. http://www.nano-reef.com/gallery/sh...o=23757&cat=500
  9. Ahh whats growing on my clowns

    So far its not as big as this disease. Just smaller dots but bigger then ich....well not even that much bigger just it looks a little differnt. Not the same shape. Everything i have heard so far pretty much cures it self and wont kill a fish right now. Someone did suggest valvet but my troopers are still alive today so i dont think tis that. It seems to be getting a little worse but the white spot on the side of the one is going away so i dont think its brooklene like someone suggested either. All my spellings of diseases and everything else is probably wrong. Ill keep an eye on everything and see how it goes. Ill try some of the garlic extreme and see if that helps at all as well. Dont want to use any meds yet so ill wait and see what happens. Hopefully there fine. If you have any other suggestions please let me know. Thanks. Izzie
  10. Ahh whats growing on my clowns

    Someone please. Izzie
  11. Both my small clowns have something growing aroudn there mouths. Im not sure what it is. doesnt look like anything i have really seen befor. Its white and not fuzzy but sort of like big ick. Its only on the mouth however. Also my one small one has a small lighter patch on its side. I think thats been there for a long time tho. My larger clown seems fine. Nothing i can see on him. I have 2 cleaners in my tank and a UV. Its a 55g tank with a 20g sump. I did just recently move them to a new tank. One week tomorrow. Anyone have any ideas what this might be and how to fix it. thanks. Izzie
  12. Lowering nitrates

    I heard ideal for SPS is 0 and i want to stock with sps. Thats why im shooting for lower.
  13. Lowering nitrates

    My nitrates are currently at 5. Used a selfrit test today for it and wow thats all im using for anything from now on. But ok to my question. How can i get them even lower. Im running chaeto in my sump and a protein skimmer. I have about a 1-1.5" sugar sized sand bed, 30lbs live rock. My tank is 55g with a 20g sump. Running protein skimmer and UV. I have 3 clowns in my tank, several LPS, lots of snails, and 3 shrimp. Do water changes at least ever 2 weeks sometimes less. 20g or so a water change. I feed once a day a mix of cyclopeeze and mysis shrimp. Any ideas on how to lower my nitrates even more. Thanks. Izzie