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  1. Im starting to feed mysis. Had it just it was to big for them to eat befor so i was only feeding cyclopeeze. Now that its of size im feeding mysis. I also have 2 cleaner shrimp in there. How long does it take for a vitamen deficince to clear up. Thanks. Izzie
  2. The white stuff around its mouth. The white spot on its sides not there....it must have been on the glass or something.
  3. Its a 10g with 10g sump.
  4. Just a normal red shroom. Its under actinics tho i couldnt get a good pic with my daytimes on as well
  5. 2 months old
  6. Torch coral
  7. 10g at 2 months old.
  8. 12lbs fiji lr, less then a week old, no inhabitants at this point