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  1. Zoo disease

    Thanks everyone! I got some Furan-2 today and did my first dip. Here's a ? for anyone that has used it. What is the standard dose? The Zoaid article says a capsule for a cup of RO. I have the packets and each is for 10 gallons according to package instructions. I dip my zoas in a 2-qt tupperware. Can I overdose with the Furan? I sprinkled enought to slightly tint the water tonight, probably close to the right ratio according to instructions but who knows. Thanks, Ken
  2. Zoo disease

    Need some help! I tried to search this but the search won't find anything, is it working right? Anyway, my zoo colonies have been dissapearing one by one, very fast. They look completely normal, then the next day they are half dead. One colony closed up because my cleaner shrimp walked on them and I noticed they also are covered in white crap. Some pics below. Most of the remaining zoos are well grown onto my live rock so I can't remove them and do a dip. Is all lost? Any tips will be greatly appreciated
  3. Coral coloring

    The main subject of this post is my frogspawn. In the LFS it was nice green with slightly pink tips. I've had it in my tank for 3 or 4 weeks now and the color has seemed to fade on it. When you are far away it looks brown, but next to the tank you can see it is still green and pink but much less bold. the coral seems totally healthy otherwise, always fully extended and looks great. Could the prolbem be mainly the difference in light temperature from the LFS to my tank, did it just SEEM brighter? It's in a 29 with 4x24W Tek T-5s...geismann bulbs, two Aquablue, one Midday and a Pure Actinic.
  4. Red Algae

    Thanks for the ideas. It blows off in sheets from the glass bottom but not really the rocks, it sticks to those pretty good. I am just about ready for a clean up crew so we'll find out soon enough if they'll eat it...hope so! I do have some of that deep red coraline though, it's only tiny spots though, this is the whole LR top.
  5. Red Algae

    Has anyone ever had deep red almost maroon diatoms? I have a tank cycling and it been cycling for probably about 6 weeks or so. My Ammonia spike is over and ammonia reads 0, nitrites are still kina high, hanging around 3-4ppm and nitrates are expectedly high (no H2O change yet). About 2 weeks ago I started gettting a big outbreak of a very deep red algae. It doens't look like pics of cyano I've seen, it has a very soft powdery look to it and is growing everywehre there is light. The highest flow places on the top of the LR have most of it, but the low light, low flow areas under overhangs is free of it. It is on the glass, the bottom the locline nozzles, everywhere there is light shining. I hope it will go away once I have a clean up crew, I"m just wondering what it is? Anyone have similar algae?
  6. New 29 gallon reef

    Thanks, I figured they were diatoms. I have just always read about/seen the brown diatoms. I would imagine they can be different colors though?
  7. New 29 gallon reef

    It's been a while since my last post but my tank has just been cycling. I have had the rock for a little over a month and I think my cycle is almost done. About a week ago I started noticing a quick bloom of a dark red/maroon algae. I'm not sure if it's cyano, I don't think so but I've never seen it. It looks almost like diatoms but maroon. Any ideas as to what it is and if it's normal during the cycle? The past few days I've also seen a real diatom bloom. My params: Ammonia 0 (there was a huge spike a couple weeks ago) Nitrite - about 4-5 ppm (hopefully this will come down...just wait longer?) Nitrate - about 15 ppm (waiting till cycle is done to do H2O change) pH 8.2 SG 1.023 I did't initially add the sand purely for maintenance reasons with all the die off, etc. But I will be adding half aragonite half live sand from LFS probably later this week. Should help the cycle finish a bit quicker I think. Here are pics of when the LR was fresh from the box (Lalo from DFS) and pics just taken 15 minutes ago. Anyone with any tips/advice on finishing out the cycle please let me know. This is my first real cycle that is actually taking time.
  8. Superskimmer 65 HELP PLEASE

    When you are breaking in the skimmer it says to keep the red knob in the full open position, so should I close it? When you close it down the water level rises, so which do I want, open and water level down? I had it to the full open posittion but when I open the pump valve all the way is when it goes crazy, no matter how the red knob is set.
  9. I've searched through the forums and can't find what I"m looking for. I have put in live rock into my new 29 and it's cycling. I choked back the CSS like I am supposed to so the water level is even with the ring, ran it for 3 days and when I go and turn it on full blast the cup fills with foam in about 10 seconds and starts gushing out of the little vent hole in the lid. What is suppoed to happen during break-in? How do I know when it's done? Something is not right because my cup shouldn't overflow with foam in 10 seconds. The pump is the required 3-4" below the surface of the water. I don't know what else I can do and it's so frustrating, I just want my tank to cycle and not have to check the skimmer ever 5 minutes!
  10. Evaporation and resultant SG

    Yeah they make sense. I noticed probably a good half inch of loss in my sump, and the SG did not seem to swing too much. I did not plan to make it a test so I did not carefully chart the SG before so it's a guess, but I can now keep my eye on it and measure how much water I lose and how much it swings my salinity. Hopefully not too much because that is one thing I was hoping for with the bigger tank, my 2.5 would go one day and the SG could swing a few 1000ths of a point.
  11. This is not necessarliy Advanced reef keeping, but it could potentially involve some pretty scientific answers so I put it here.... So we read all the time that a smaller tank is less stable because of the small volume of water, one of these parameters being the issues with evaporation and the rise in salinity. I have recently set up a 29 w/ 10 gallon sump and I'm noticing a good deal of evaporation. Wouldn't it follow...and here's the advanced/scientific part...that the larger surface area, would cause more water to evaporate, and so the larger amount of water would leave behind a porportionately larger amount of salt, thus raising the salinity just the same as a smaller tank would? I'm sure there are some forumla, etc. that will prove this otherwise, I'm just curious and posing a question....
  12. CSS microbubbles

    OK, so my tank is ready for LR minus one thing, when I have my skimmer running (in my sump) it looks like a blizzard up top from the microbubbles. Are there any easy fixes out there I can try. I tried using the bubble diffuser the skimmer comes with but it doesn't really seem to do much of anything, I followed all the minimum spacing requirements and it seems of no help. It could also be bubbles from the water overflowing into the return chamber, if that is the case how can I fix it? I COULD tear it down and put in a 3-baffle bubble trap but would rather not. I've had a guy tell me he used a LR rubble wall around his pump and that kept many bubble out, anyone try this? Anything to help get these microbubbles gone will be much appreciated! Ken
  13. New 29 gallon reef

    Hey everyone thanks for the advice, that picture was taken with the pumps off so it's at max capacity when everything drains. Right now I'm in the process of getting my water up to proper SG. Since I had the tank full and only smaller buckets I just went with mixing the salt in the tank since I have no inhabitants and it's easier. When I put a bunch of salt in should I expect it to blow around a few minutes after? I have what seems to be micro-bubbles but I'm almost positive they are not because my return pump is not getting hit with bubbles like before (changed the sump a bit). With a 29 and a 10 gallon sump what can I expect to see for evaporation? I had my tank perfect last night, then today my wife said there are microbubbles and I had her check the water level against my masking tape water level line, and when I got home I also noticed it was a good 1/4-1/2" lower than last night. The tank was sitting at about 75 degrees all night/day, is that a normal amount of evap? The other possibility is that when I put in a bunch of salt last night I reduced the water to match the water level line, not realizing it would drop when the salt was absorbed.
  14. New 29 gallon reef

    I plan on a pretty general mixed reef. LPS mostly, zoos and shrooms for the softie side, perhaps a yellow fiji leather, they are really the only softies I like besides the shrooms. Down the road a bit some easier SPS like some montis and perhaps a clam. I have experience with some LPS, no SPS though, which is why I"m going to stick to montis. For fish I'm not really sure yet, I have so many ideas I can't decide. I'm thinking maybe a pistol/goby pair and a few others but not sure. I am leaning towards a six-line to put in there.
  15. New 29 gallon reef

    I am FINALLY ready to debut my 29 gallon tank. After many posts here and much futile tinkering I ended up going with the"herbie" method to drain into my sump. I don't have an 'emergency' drain, but my return pump is sectioned off so it will only drain a small portion in the event of a drain clog. I didn't quite understand the "absolute need" for a second drain because a durso or stockman could get clogged up and stop just the same. I am in the middle of filling it up to mix the salt, then I will move on to the LR purchase. Here's a quick rundown on specs and some pics. 4x 24W Tek T5 (2Aquablue, 1 midday, 1 Super Actinick) Mag9 return to 2 3/4" locline outs CSS 65 gallon AB and SA on only One thing I do need some advice on is the return area. The water is making some good bubbles as it dumps into the return area, creating microbubbles dumping into the tank. I don't have the room to make a full out bubble trap with baffles, is there any easy fixes..I'm thinking after I get the LR if I pile up some rubble around the intake it will act as a wall to help block some of the bubbles out? Will that work, if not what will?