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  1. Is it better?

    All right is it better to lr rubble the rear chambers or try to make a fuge light mod? What are the pros and cons.
  2. Where is good live rock

    ocean pro!!!!!!!! Fully cured waltsmith rock. Great rock tons of life. If you cycle your tank first then use the rock yoou will be amazed at the diversity and awesome life you will get.
  3. I had a hermit who who had a few fan worms on him. It was pretty funny to see the fans out catching food the hermit was digging up. But then he changes shells. Poor fans....
  4. My 2nd Chamber Fuge

    Can you send me dir and pic to my email? I can't see what you've done. I have a 24
  5. How to refugium

    Who has a good refu setup, and how would I mod something like that? Especially with an aqua c remora skimmer.
  6. got cubes?

    I'm looking for used nano cubes. I have a rare disease called nanoreefcaholism and I'm addicted to pulling my hair out and screaming like a mad man at small square shaped tanks. If you have any spare Nano cubes or are tired of pulling your hair out, please post me and I would be happy to purchase some more frustration.
  7. Looking for reefer items withing 8 hour driveing distance of SC or NC
  8. AquaC Remora for sale

    I am interested
  9. skimmer for a 24

    Thankyou for your advice. Do you believe that a remora c would be too much for a 24 gallon nano reef?
  10. skimmer for a 24

    Ahhhh, that is an idea. But even though I am doing research, thats what other people's experiance is for. They have done the research and the trial and error. It is not neccessary for someone to completely mess up his system If he is just humble enought to ask.
  11. Deep Sand Bed vs. Bare Bottom

    I have been running a deep sand bed in my nano 24, just because I was told thats the way to go. And I have had no problems, and have infact gotten more life since. I gave never had an algea problem, and all my little sand critters love it. I do agree that it eats up reef space.
  12. Check your ballast. And No that isn't normal.
  13. what is the best pump upgrade

    thankyou for your help. I am going to buy one right now!
  14. skimmer for a 24

    Whats the best skimmer and how do you make the mods for it?
  15. what is the best pump upgrade

    How come that is the best If it is only 5-7 gph faster than the stock pump? PS I am orriginally from OC also. I live in North Carolina now that I'm out of the army. How come that is the best If it is only 5-7 gph faster than the stock pump?