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    french bulldogs,raiders n cooking
  1. Sorry been gone for awhile. Pms replied still for sale and price lowered for tank n light deal $300. Have lots of lil extras to toss in as well. Text message is a good way to conatct me. Thanks luis
  2. I can let the light n goose neck go for 180 The tank setup for 200 And a deal still of 350 for both. So if anyone wants to buy it all you can save 30 bucks. I have lots of extra stuff to toss in with the new buyer who wants this as well since I won't have any need for them anymore. Thanks for your interest n time checking everyone, Luis N sorry pick up only. And Pms replied back.thanks
  3. Bump still for sale
  4. Bump. I can make separated sale if wanted. Tank alone or light alone as well
  5. Ty will do. but as for now no shipping planned still.
  6. I want to leave the hobby for a bit and got laid off so selling everything. Pick up only, West Covina ca 91791 tank is built by PicoAquariums.com, the builder is name Chris, handcrafted in the U.s. Holds 12.5g of capacity and the dimensions of 18 x 18 x 9 shallow tank. Silicone alignment/glass are in clean condition. no scratches on the front/side glass panels. It has back textured wall where it holds the exterior portion of the all-in-one filtration system/built-in refugium/display water level adjuster. Asking $350 for the tank/glass cover/fuge light/built-in refugium compartment/ display water level adjuster with all-in-one filtration system and kessils a150w led 10k skyblue n goose neck too. Contact 818 523 854two Luis Here's some pictures...photos belong to IIX who was original owner
  7. 3 mangroves for sale

    six bucks for all three mangroves. Located in West Covina ca 91791 Available tonight after 10pm prolly for meet up. Text message better. 818 52three 854two Thanks luis
  8. Fish for sale.

  9. Fish for sale.

    Neon dottyback fish for sale. $30 Pick up location West Covina 91791 http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=15+38+169&pcatid=169
  10. Ebo 300watt heater FS

    Sorry not sure maybe a year or two. No problems at all tho
  11. Ebo 300watt heater FS

  12. Ebo 300watt heater FS

    Ebo 300watt heater for sale in West Covina ca 91791 asking $20
  13. Elos mini system for sale and a few others

    Sold pls close ty
  14. Elos mini system for sale and a few others

    Sold ty pls close