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  1. Black & White Percula Clown not eating

    yes i tried some frozen Brine and he just looked at it. The other two enjoyed it quite well.
  2. I introduced him two days ago and he looks very healthy and is all over the tank swimming in the current and very playfull. But as far as i can see he is not eating. There are two False Percula Clown whice have been in the tank for weeks and they both eat very well. They all get along fine but it will be going on three days of no eating. any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Nate
  3. My Set up taken with a flash

    yeah i saw the dog look too after you guys said something so i added somemore live rock .. the yellow and white fish is just a damsel.. i have also added a black clown since then..
  4. Added More Live Rock

  5. Brain Coral

  6. My two Clowns

  7. My Reef set up