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    Hi - really enjoyed the competition and i have learned a lot in terms of aquascaping, photography to put to use in future competitions and setups!!! Thanks for letting UK reefers take part! The summary post FTS from start to end where available showing change in aquascaping November FTS December FTS February FTS April FTS Looking across from the LHS Centre closeup RHS showing a mix of zoos and xenia, the old stuff was peeled off but is starting to come back! Green Star Polyps spreading over the wall Nov --> April Anemone colouring up, wanted a recent one but it has taken to periodically burying itself? Dec --> Feb Zooanthids, searching for different colours has made for interesting trips to lfs in terms of rummaging in the bottom of their tanks for loose / few polyps http://images5.theimagehosting.com/1 (24).969.jpg' alt='a> (24).969.jpg'> Various SPS and LPS frags Birdsnest? from Dec --> April Candycane, not as successful although it does go through phases of good expansion Acropora encrusting over its base and recovering from zoos sting Torch Coral Livestock Brown and green star polyps Brown and pale white xenia Zoos of varying shades of (yes) brown, plus pinks, greens and reds Rock Anemone? Candycane coral Seriatopora? Acropora Montipora frags Torch Coral Blue leg hermits Turbo snail Stomatella snails Small banded green / white serpent star Flatworms – Millions of them Anemone shrimp fell victim to the croucher Velvet coral croucher chaetomorpha and caulerpa algae Valonia Harlequin Shrimp Boxer crab Equipment Aqua One HOB filter heater 18 compact fluorescent light A Final FTS Thanks for looking Brianm
  3. Hi Really enjoying the 2.5 pico comp and so decided to set up a tank at work Measuring approx 7x6x5 inches, approx 1 gallon I found this aqua one tank gathering dust in a lfs and bought it and a small aqua one hob filter, this provides a good diffuse flow. Heating is by a small heater, no thermostat, lighting is a converted desk lamp, the 11w light removed and an interpet 18w power compact replacing it. It was set up using miracle mud as the substrate with live rock and water from my main tank. I then placed some caulerpa rock from my main tank sump into it for a couple of weeks and then returned it to the sump. A few coral frags were introduced and I then left it alone to monitor evaporation and temperature changes. Topping up was with distilled water from a bottle every night and on Fridays I filled the tank as full as possible – not ideal. In combination with this, the temperature change was too large varying between 20 and 29 degrees as a result of the lights, no thermostat and the lack of decent heating. I added an old peristaltic pump on a digital timer to add water twice a day and three times every third day, this has maintained the salinity. To control temperature I put the non controllable heater on a timer to switch off when the lights are on and overnight and at the weekends I place a small controllable heater into the tank. I then introduced some more corals, branching rock / coral skeletons scrounged from lfs. more pics to follow Cheers Brian
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    Hi Ann, your tank continues to impress - it has such a "large" feel to the aquascaping and placement of corals and the quality of the pictures remain top notch. i havent ordered zoos from the US - i may yet do so but i have found some nice pieces and hope to get some more from an ebayer although they probably wont have the colours found in your tank. As we must be nearing the end of the comp, good luck and i bet you have enjoyed this comp as much as i have. (i am hoping the uk nano forum organises a similar comp!) Brian
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    Hi all - this is just part 1 i am really enjoying this small tank - so few problems compared to the maintenance i put in on the larger tank. i have even set up a smaller tank at work and i will post a pic after school holidays. back to this one! Updated pics Full tank shots Nice view of birds nest into zoos and GSP definite growth on this sps new peice of xenia The brown xenia on the right wall isjust going mad and has spread over most of that side and ive had to pull it off zoos and other peices of rock - i am tempted to scrape this off and encourage the paler xenia to spread over that wall loads of life in this compared to my main tank - loads of pods and worms algae flatworms these are starting to get into silly numbers now - but the tank looks so nice and is doing so well i am loath to use chemicals Anemone colouring up next reply for part 2 Part 2 some lovely zoo pics - these have intensified in colour hammer coral - a lovely small frag and growing on another branch of this serpent star - i may be removing this and the reason why - 1-2cm in length - feeding on small asterina stars from my main tank one problem, i hadnt noticed this small frag was knocked into some zoos another new entry to the tank - a very small boxer crab (yeah you do need a lot of imagination to spot him behind the rear wall couple of more FTS a very long post and a few opinions required should i scrape off the brown xenia and encourage the pale to take its place? will i get away with the small serpent star in with the very small harlequin shrimp (being fed on asterina!)
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    Thanks Ann, Im just leaving the tank alone as much as possible now, the fish - common name velvet coral croucher, a good article on them in a recent(ish) marine world magazine. Not a goby although similiar bodyform - supposedly related to scorpionfish (if i remember right) brian
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    More Pics, FTS Angled FTS Slightly from above Centre Zoos and star polyps attaching to rear wall Rock / Flower ? anemone This is accepting food but not colouring up yet SPS Hard to tell but i think its shoiwng growth This is just a piece i thought i would chuck in when i knocked an end off in my main tank And finally for now - i managed to catch from my main tank a velvet coral croucher who has taken up residence between a wall and the filter inlet - lovely looking fish Cheers Brian
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    Hi, sorry its taken so long, wanted to get round to cleaning the front glass and trimming xenia?. Photo 1 Photo 2 Livestock Brown star polyps Green star polyps Brown xenia? Zoos of varying shades of (yes) brown - i like to think i can see red now and again, a few green zoos and some yellow Anemone - ?rock / flower anemone? Candycane coral ?Seriatopora? A ?hairy? SPS - see main thread for better pic Tiny little ricordea which arrived with some rubble from my main tank Blue leg hermits Turbo snail Stomatella snails Small banded green / white serpent star Flatworms - loads of them Anemone shrimp Velvet coral croucher chaetomorpha and caulerpa algae Valonia Equipment Aqua One HOB filter heater 18 compact fluorescent light Cheers Brian
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    Hi, I havent poked or prodded it but I have been feeding every 2-3 days, a v. small piece of mussel and it has been grasping with tentacles and feeding. i am now waiting to see if it colours up and an ID. Yeah Ann, i thought a great opportunity to aquascape but its really difficult to match the reality to the vision. i think i need a miniature hammer and chisel!. in the meantime i need to practice taking pictures (must remember, take out magnet) cheers brianm
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    Thanks Nednai, im just using a digital point and shoot, with usual fixed settings, any idea of the best for the job, portrait, panorama, sport etc?? or what manual settings?. sorry icenine i should have said the hitchhiker is an anemone, just wondering what type. once identified it may stay or go back into the main tank which has halides and will be more stable! cheers brian
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    wow last post so long ago! shortly after last post i decided that having the rock slab on the sand shortened the foreground so i had another go at aquascaping (envious at the look of Ann UK's tank) and also managed to find a hob which means that rather than a narrow jet of current i have a much wider flow. Unfortunately this resulted in another and longer diatom bloom which the tank is just getting over. FTS i think this looks a lot bigger, you can make out the jigsaw of rock from its previous incarnation. yeah i know is should take the scraper out i decided the sun coral and candy cane were too large together (yeah and it couldnt hold a candle to the sun coral in zoo girls pico!) so i have kept the caulastrea in the pico and put the sun coral into my main tank and put some more star polyps and a bit of xenia into the pico. along with a couple of small zoos which i am hoping will colour up. and less welcome guests - not sure whether these will just crash or whether i should use flatworm exit, chemical killer. other pics not sure about this, it hitchhiked into my main tank sump on a caulerpa rock, only 1 inch across, so its in my pico tank for now until i get an id. cheers brianm