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  1. Clownfish eggs

    Thank you! Not sure how to embed a youtube vid, but if you are interested here's a link to one I put together called "A Gold Stripe Maroon 2005-2015 ". It shows the life of one of the fish that I raised, he lived his entire life in the same 10 gallon tank that he was transferred into after hatching.
  2. Clownfish eggs

    The book was invaluable to me when I raised the fish. One other thing I found. At night the larvae settled to sleep on the bottom of the tank. Since the flow is practically non-existent, all the crap from the day of eating rotifers, and other stuff like dead algae, etc. settled to the bottom. I had to very carefully, with airline tubing, vacuum virtually every inch of the bottom of the tank before lights out. I had to do this EVERY NIGHT for the first couple of weeks. Any night I skipped cleanup resulted in heavy losses. I don't recall if this is the same experience others had, but it seemed to be a must for my baby gold stripe maroons. Here's a post-metamorphosis shot.
  3. Clownfish eggs

    Seabass points out a great resource if you don't already have it.
  4. Clownfish eggs

    I raised a few batches of maroon clowns about 10-12 years ago. One of the biggest problems I ran into was running out of rotifers in the first week or so after the hatch. You will likely need a lot more than you can imagine, at least I did. I had several 2L bottles full of them and still ran out a couple of times. I also ran about 6 or 8 2L bottles of green water as well. Looked like Frankenstein's lab. I caught the larvae in the tank after the hatch like you are planning to do. I used a cup and gently scooped them up after attracting them to the surface with a small flashlight. You do have to be gentle, I "broke" them once when trying to hurry so I could go to bed. Not sure how a siphon would work but I would think smaller tubing would be better because it would have a gentler flow, but that is a guess on my part. I wish you luck, it is an exciting and rewarding experience once you get the hang of it. It will likely take you a few tries to get it right. Don't be discouraged, your clowns will likely continue to give you more chances.
  5. How bad is to have 2 reef tanks

    I have a (nearly)16 year old 58 gallon mixed reef and a 10 year old 10 gallon nano...
  6. Studio Reef at Year 15

    Great deal! Don't you tell MY wife how much I spent!!!
  7. Studio Reef at Year 15

    Yeah the betta was a bit pricey at 90 bux. I think that is the most I have ever paid for a single fish. But worth it!
  8. Studio Reef at Year 15

    LOL!!! The betta is a great fish, one of my favorites. He was purchased from LA DD in Jan 2013 and is a captive bred fish from Sustainable Aquatics. He one of the most interesting fish I have ever had. The betta was only about an inch long when I got him. Very unusual way of swimming. Slow, methodical, and often backwards. He reminds me of a seahorse in the way he eats, which is also slow and methodical, with a quick "slurp" to suck in a piece of mysis. His mouth is relatively large and bright white. Also seems very curious as to what I am, and will often come very close to the glass to get a better look at me. He is not aggressive, but will hold his ground against the scopas (I never said he was smart) when the tang gets feisty. They usually seem to be friends, but the tang lets him know who is the boss. I love this fish. He is now about 3.5" long. Here is a pic right after I got him, he was so tiny. Sorry for the poor quality. Thanks to both of you, you both have outstanding tanks yourselves.
  9. Studio Reef at Year 15

    Thank you! I can't believe it's been going for 15 years myself... Thank you. It may not be "beautiful" like many tanks I drool over, but I try to make it as natural-looking as possible. There is a lot of life on those rocks now besides the coral. If you look closely you can see a large amount of sponges growing across the rockwork. There are countless tiny feather dusters, micro britlle stars and asternia stars as well. Unfortunately my bristleworm population has apparently fallen, I haven't seen one in years. I need to see if I can get some locally.
  10. Studio Reef at Year 15

    Thank you! I wasn't aware that they had another shop, but I have only been to the store a couple of times. They are way out of my price range, but they had really nice stuff when I was in there, the staff was always very helpful.
  11. Studio Reef at Year 15

    Thanks to you both.
  12. Studio Reef at Year 15

    Thank you and - Wow you have some nice tanks!!
  13. Studio Reef at Year 15

    Thank you all for your interest and comments! I am more or less a low tech guy compared to many reefers. Lighting: 250w Reeflux 12k MH light with 2 small actinics. In addition I am running 2 36" blue stunner strips, one acoss the front and back of the tank. Simple LED blue moonlight. All on timers. Filtration/flow: Super Reef Octopus XP 1000 SSS skimmer. I like it but it does make me a little insane with its unpredictable overflows. BRS GFO reactor. I also keep a small powerhead in the sump to keep matter from settling. I run carbon in a bag in the sump as well. Flow in the tank is mainly from 2 Vortech MP 10's, with a little help from the return pump, a ViaAqua pump which is somewhere around 500gph. I generally run the Vortechs in lagoon mode, at about 1/2 speed, but I do change it up often. Sometimes I really crank it up to get the stuff off the sand and rocks. Dosing/additives: Kalk (actually Mrs. Wages Pickling Lime). Top off provided by Spectrapure LiterMeter3. Nothing else. Feeding: Mix of various frozen foods which make up 75% of the tank's diet. A bit of flake and spirulina, approx 15%. The remainder is a mix of various fine foods like Golden Pearls, ZoPlan, Gonipower, Reef Chili, Reef Roids, etc. I feed throughout the afternoon and evening, sometimes right up until midnight. Lately I have been using "Julian's Thing". I fill the syringe section and hang it inside the canopy so the tip dangles near one of the mp10's and it disperses slowly for the next 15 minutes or so. Works great for keeping the sun corals open all day. I also do a "loose target feeding" every day or so aimed at the sun corals, and everything they don't catch gets distributed to the fish and other corals by the flow. The amount and frequency of feeding would shock most reefers I am sure. Water Changes: Earlier this year I switched from a "15 gallon every 3 weeks" to a "5 gallon weekly" routine which seems to be working well and takes less time. What really saved time is this cabinet which I designed and had built around the tank a couple of years ago. By having my water bins right next to the tank and eliminating most of the buckets, water changes have become a non-issue. 3D rendering final product
  14. Studio Reef at Year 15

    Thanks, both of you have very nice tanks as well.
  15. Studio Reef at Year 15

    Studio Reef was started in 1999. It is an Oceanic reef-ready 58 gallon tank that I got from a fundraiser in CT, from House of Fins. They set it up as a fish-only, and after a few weeks I returned the "cycle fish" and traded them in for live rock and reef-friendly fish. I still have the rock and the mushrooms that were attached to it. Many of the other animals have been with me for a long time -- the sebae anemone and the yellow leather for 12 years. The green bubble coral (on the left) for 10 years, the green lobo (left center), the gigantic hammer, neon green candy cane, red&green brain (lower left on sandbed), and a brittle star that is hiding in the hammer 9 years. The breeding ocellaris pair have been clowning around in there for 8 years, spawning continuously for the last 6-7. I know, I don't have any SPS. Sorry. Actually there is an encrusting montipora (sunset or pokerstar) growing near the base of the leather. Upper left Upper right with ORA Yellow Assessors Left side Sustainable Aquatics CB Marine betta Sun corals with hermit Starry Blenny in yellow Fiji leather under actinics Center with Scopas Tang, best buddies with both the betta and blenny. Clowns spawning FTS from the left FTS from the right FTS