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  1. Thank you! Not sure how to embed a youtube vid, but if you are interested here's a link to one I put together called "A Gold Stripe Maroon 2005-2015 ". It shows the life of one of the fish that I raised, he lived his entire life in the same 10 gallon tank that he was transferred into after hatching.
  2. The book was invaluable to me when I raised the fish. One other thing I found. At night the larvae settled to sleep on the bottom of the tank. Since the flow is practically non-existent, all the crap from the day of eating rotifers, and other stuff like dead algae, etc. settled to the bottom. I had to very carefully, with airline tubing, vacuum virtually every inch of the bottom of the tank before lights out. I had to do this EVERY NIGHT for the first couple of weeks. Any night I skipped cleanup resulted in heavy losses. I don't recall if this is the same experience others had, but it seemed to be a must for my baby gold stripe maroons. Here's a post-metamorphosis shot.
  3. Seabass points out a great resource if you don't already have it.
  4. I raised a few batches of maroon clowns about 10-12 years ago. One of the biggest problems I ran into was running out of rotifers in the first week or so after the hatch. You will likely need a lot more than you can imagine, at least I did. I had several 2L bottles full of them and still ran out a couple of times. I also ran about 6 or 8 2L bottles of green water as well. Looked like Frankenstein's lab. I caught the larvae in the tank after the hatch like you are planning to do. I used a cup and gently scooped them up after attracting them to the surface with a small flashlight. You do have to be gentle, I "broke" them once when trying to hurry so I could go to bed. Not sure how a siphon would work but I would think smaller tubing would be better because it would have a gentler flow, but that is a guess on my part. I wish you luck, it is an exciting and rewarding experience once you get the hang of it. It will likely take you a few tries to get it right. Don't be discouraged, your clowns will likely continue to give you more chances.