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  1. What was the first coral you got for your nano reef?

    Grey and red Acanthastrea Lordhowensis' I found a 5 polyp frag at a LFS for $50. That was the first coral I purchased anyway. I picked up a 3 different Montipora Digitata's(green, purple, and orange),at a local frag swap swap about 2 months before the tank was set up, they currently still being coral-sat in a freinds tank. I should be moving the corals into my tank in the next few weeks.
  2. Purchasing 9 for $99 zoo pack..which vendor?

    yourreef.com, I haven't personally bought anything from him, but I have seen stuff from his site, I also live nearby, there seems to alot of his corals around. All nice specimens.
  3. 2 rio 600's........ someone help!

    Check the caps the first, but if thats not the problem then take it apart check and make sure nothings stuck in the impeller. Could also just be an air bubble, maybe just unplug the PH's and turn upside down while their still in the tank, if a buncha bubbles come out, then thats most likely the issue, I've had this problem with my Rio's.
  4. R.I.P. Six line wrasse

    I hope you find'em. FWIW, I recently had my 3 year old 4 stripe damsel "run away" for about 6 days...guess he finally got hungry enough and the "prodigal" fish has returned, don't give up hope.