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  1. HELP! Jawfish in biocube sump!

    Ive fished my guy out of the back of a 12ncdx before, but I could fit my hand in there. He usually jumps shortly after i have moved the tank to a different location in my place. My inital thought is syphon him out w/ a large enough guage tube for him to get through... get enoguh suction going and into the bucket he goes... Unfortuately you cant just shake the tank upside down. The punchline to the "How to remove a pesky damsel?" is usually "Shop-vac" but I doubt youd want ot go that route. They are jittery little f*cksticks. But once settled in they are so much fun to watch.
  2. What DIY lights for a 40 breeder.

    Yes, 10, 12, or maybee 14K MH w/ actinic on the VHO. You could do that 24" VHo idea, but it would provide the less light than any of the MH/VHO combo discussed. Its also improtant to remember VHO can mean t5 or t8, with slightly different results. Us kids dig on the t5, but some old timers swear by their Super-Actinic t8 VHO...
  3. what MH config for a 40 breeder

    Sounds good. This is pretty much what ive been hearing/reading all day. I think thats what im going with. Thanks folks
  4. What DIY lights for a 40 breeder.

    Was having that discussion in my club forum. Id be affraid of high temps, and acclimating new purcheses But im in a hood, if its a pendant It might work. Id still rather have the 500 total plus actinic sup
  5. What DIY lights for a 40 breeder.

    Im in the same boat. I was origionally planning on doing 1-250w MH plus 4 VHO t5s (You can overdrive t5s on a Icecap 660) Now im thinking 2-175s and 2- HO t5s cause I go a local club reefer offering me a good deal. But im still thinking. Id say the blingingest you could do and still deal with the heat would be 2-250s and 2-4 VHO t5 over a 40 Just my .02
  6. what MH config for a 40 breeder

    Im upgrading the lighting on my 40 breeder. Im doing MH/VHOt5 and am trying to decide on what MH config to use. I have a guy who can get me a good trade/deal on 175w or 400w ballasts. So my question is basically... Would you rather have 1-400 or 2-175s lighting a 40 breeder?
  7. Properly keeping easy nano-reef corals shouldnt envolve any disease treatment or prevention at all. Some of thoes coral are easier than others, but disease and pathogens are nto the danger. Provied them with clean water and the proper light, flow, temp, and salinity and they will do fine. Id reccomend starting wiht mushrooms, zoas and leathers, and working you way into the LPS like the frogspawn and acans.
  8. Ricordea florida price increase

    I just dont think its gonna have too much effect on the hobby. Im no expert but this is my understanding; Fl Rics that are attached to pieces of substrate 1" sq is legal. Anything bigger is poached. The Poachers are grabbing big rocks, with dozens if not hundreds of polyps, 1 color morph, the things look amayzing if you've ever seen pics. They sell illegally for lots of money. This might effect locals in the short term, if they are freeked out about collecting. But it should have no effect on legit, organized harvest of the proper sized pieces. 3 years ago when I was getting into nano-reefing I ordered 10 rainbow fl rics from an aquqculture op in Cali through an NR member. $10 a polyps plus shipping. If they can grow them for that then, they can grow them for that now, and folks are. No worries.

    Spoiled Jawfish? They should have made the different layers different neon colors.
  10. Ricordea florida price increase

    Support Aquaculture...'nough said. I wouldnt loose any sleep over this one.
  11. Pump head question?

    Thanks. Well explained. NR rocks!
  12. Pump head question?

    Im planning on running a mag 7 into 3/4" line instead of the 1/2" output it has. Is the head loss calculated for 1/2" line only? Am I assuming correctly that I will loose more flow over the 2.5-3' vertical run due to the increased weight of water in a wider dia pipe? If so aprox how much? Can I figure out the volume of water in 3' of 3/4 vs (Blank)' of 1/2. And find that on the chart?
  13. Anyone running an Octopus Skimmer?

    So you're essentially putting a gate valve on the outlet of your skimmer, creating pressure...to adjust the height of the column of water in the skimmer chamber...? So its essentally about making adjustments easier. And slightly decreasing flow, and increasing the chamber contact time? Or am I missing something big? Looks like i can get everyhting I need for that from the harware store across the street. Sweet.
  14. Anyone running an Octopus Skimmer?

    prorap, What size prop system? can/do you wanna explain a gate vale mod to me?
  15. Anyone running an Octopus Skimmer?

    Well, its good to know it at least fits in the 10. I posted for advice in my local reef froum on Rc as well. Gonna wait till mon at least to order anything. Okay, I know about mesh mods. What the heck is a gate valve mod? I know what a gate valve is, but if someone wants to take the time and fill me in on the whole "Gate Mod" business w/o me doing a search, that'd be fantastic. thanks