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  1. SoCal's AC70 Fuge Mod

    Any more pics?
  2. ReefBuddy DIY Aquarium Controller $89

    I agree that they owe us nothing. They don't owe us code, schematics, designs, etc. None of us have anything invested in their success or failure. They only thing I think they should do is provide updates on where this project stands and if they are still interested in completing this project. We are obviously interested in this project from the amount of posts there have been.
  3. ReefBuddy DIY Aquarium Controller $89

    No, I'm not aware of the amount of time other than the original goal. I do know a rough prototype was available back in the spring and the PCB layouts have been a work in progress since November. The developer last posted a month ago and the PCB guy over two months ago. There have been no progress updates since. I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering what happened to this project. Bump for updates to keep this project alive...
  4. ReefBuddy DIY Aquarium Controller $89

    Is it safe to say this project is dead? I see19 pages and 10 months in with not much to show.
  5. I plan to use the Meanwell dimable drivers. So far the items list as I understand it is: 2 x Meanwell ELN-60-48D 6 x CREE XRE-WG-Q5 on Star 6 x CREE XRE-RB on Star I will also need a heatsink to mount the LEDs on. What else am I missing? I need to limit the number of orders I'll make as shipping is going to kill me.
  6. Tunze Nano Skimmer

    I have the older version but it's not currently in use. The pump on mine.
  7. Any pics of the actual wiring? I'm okay with the two sets of LEDS in series but want to see how everything before that is set up.
  8. ReefBuddy DIY Aquarium Controller $89

    I'm not quite sold on the looks yet. The RKL looks very polished and the base unit price is pretty sweet. I think where this has huge potential is that if memory serves, it will be open source and hopefully heavily supported by other DIY'ers. I just hope that they can pump these out while there is still a big interest and people are available to offer help.
  9. Aqua Lifter as dosing pump

    Is there any chance that this will create a siphon dump whatever you are dosing into the tank or other way around?
  10. what salt to use?

    So which link has the answer lol
  11. What does your ReefKeeper do for you?

    Do you have pics of your set up? I thought a RKL would be overkill on a 6gal tank.
  12. Reefkeeper lite question

    Knowing that would you still buy a RKL after you have already purchased the power strip and temp. meter? Most people already have those two items and to upgrade past those two features is a big investment. I like the idea of the salinity module and probe that is compensated for the temp but that's an additional $200. I'm just wondering if it's overkill/not worth the $$ when most timed power bars and a temp meter will do the trick.
  13. Reefkeeper lite question

    I'm just wondering if the RKL is worth the investment, especially for smaller systems. With the base module aren't you just getting a timer with temperature control? It seems like it's a minimum of a $400 investment to actually have it control your tank.
  14. ReefBuddy DIY Aquarium Controller $89

    Wow! I just went through a time warp... Your reply was one month too late. Let's try to stay on topic and keep the discussion open.
  15. ReefBuddy DIY Aquarium Controller $89

    Any new pics? Can we see one of the test ones up and running? Also, do you think you will stick with that keypad? I know that these ones are already available as they were used previously by your company. I'm wondering if there is any interest down the road to make something a little more streamlined. I'm sure most of the setup can be done with a lot less (6 ??) buttons. Setup is usually a one time thing with most people leaving it on the main screen. Is real estate of the internal components the issue?