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  1. WTB Maxi mini or mini mini nems

    Should the minis be feed if so what ?
  2. LED helps

    Thank You.
  3. 24" Aquatinics t5 fixture F/s

    JR973 Where in NJ are you? I was in Parsippany and currently living in Newark, Dad got sick so her for a bit. THen hopefully back to Morris county.
  4. LED helps

    I have t5s at the moment. Currently i have zoos, acans, some rics and yumas. Ill will want to get into SPS as well but not sure if the T5s will cut it. I also like the shimmer of LEDs from reading the specs of M@rine_lover tank there tank is 2 foot cube like mine. Should i take what you recommended to M@rine_lover?
  5. LED helps

    Milad, W D H I have a 30G Deep Blue rimless tank, thats 24x24x12. What do you suggest for LED setup. Looking to place a order with you soon. Thanx
  6. Jonny's ADA 2 tank reef concept

    is the Pachira Aquatica in saltwater or in a pot outside the tank?
  7. Shallow (Now with 100% less rim) Pics pg22

    I have the same tank and stand as yours. What light is that and did you make the rig your self to hang the lights?
  8. Glass Cages Experiement

    I have one of there tanks for 4 years now and have never had a problem with it.
  9. Suggestions on Cube Tank

    Deep Blue 30G or the 47 G cube.
  10. [STOCK] tinyreef

    i go there often my self and she is hot that place use to be alot better were do u live im in parsippany
  11. How Much Is To Much

    I am setting up a 20 L so i went out and got the JBJ 24" 2*65 W retro kit and i was trying to squeeze one more PC Bulb between the two. I was told buy a good LFS that i would have to much light with the just the 2 bulbs if i was to add another i would start to burn my inverts and corals in the tank. At this point i have 130 W thats about 7 W a gallon. So when is it to much?
  12. Pili's 40g Breeder

    Pili Where is DR Macs
  13. DIY Acrylic Tank

    Thanx will do
  14. DIY Acrylic Tank

    1/4" i was goin to put a 1/2" brace all around but wasnt sure. What about just cutting small pieces at putting them in each corner?
  15. DIY Acrylic Tank

    I made a acrylic tank cut glued and waititng for water. Specs 10.5 deep x 17.5 wide 21.5 tall. Its open open top. So my question before i water test it should i brace it on top?