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  1. New Nanocube protien skimmer

    He's got the BC29 nanoskimmer up on his website with pictures. I think if you order one it'll put you first in line when they ship out next week.
  2. New Nanocube protien skimmer

    Your tank looks awesome, Peanut!
  3. New Nanocube protien skimmer

    Peanut posted pictures after 12 hours.
  4. sand?

    It's quite the debate really and every person you ask will probably tell you something different, from bare bottom to 4 to 5 inches deep. I just say buy a little more than you think you'll need and if you have leftover save it for "topping off" the sand. Eventually you lose some to water changes and such. The first time you try to siphon detritus off the sand bed you'll see what I mean.
  5. Need help!

    Was talking your problem over with my husband and he thinks that there's a tiny chance that your deep sand bed may be a contributing factor. In larger tanks they'll address nitrate problems but in a nano they can deplete the dissolved oxygen in the tank. The skimmer will obviously help that, but in the meantime if you have an airpump sitting around it probably wouldn't hurt to plug it in and see how the corals respond.
  6. Need help!

    As long as your replacement water is the same pH, temp and salinity as your tank water I don't think there's such a thing as too many water changes.
  7. MACNA

    I'll be there.
  8. Dirty Sand

    Sounds like not enough circulation. Junk settling on the surface.
  9. New Nanocube protien skimmer

    Cool video. Can we pre-order?
  10. New Nanocube protien skimmer

    What other options in that price range are there? I thought the Fission was the only thing that small and this was the only thing that fit in the overflow with the hood closed. I saw another post around here where a guy put a Berlin style skimmer in his NC overflow, but he had to cut out sections of the tank.
  11. New Nanocube protien skimmer

    I'm still trying to figure out where it's been said that skimming is bad?
  12. Fission Nano Skimmer

    They're in the NanoCubes at Village Tropical on Shephard.
  13. Fission Nano Skimmer

    It's a brand new company and he's just launched the product. My coworker was one of the the beta testers and he had great results, was emptying the collection cup once a day. One of the local LFSs here is running them in both their display NC12 and NC24 with success. I'm sure that after MACNA there will be more feedback, but for now he's just starting out.
  14. Fission Nano Skimmer

    I wasn't sure of all the details, so I got the word from Kyle, "The Sapphire NanoSkimmer NC24 is 2.25"x4"x9". Including the collection cup at its maximum height and the pump it stands 11.5". The Sapphire NanoSkimmer NC12 is 2"x2.75"x7". Including the collection cup at its maximum height and the pump it stands 9.5". It is simple to install and the only adjustment needed is to fine tune the height of the collection cup. After a short break in period, 12 to 24 hours there are no micro-bubbles released into the tank due to the three separate bubble traps built into the skimmer. Additionally it is virtually noiseless since the clean water return is at the bottom of the skimmer which eliminates splashing inside the overflow." He'll have a Sapphire Aquatics booth at MACNA and will be presenting the skimmers there, so if you're in Houston you can see them in action then. In the meantime he's trying to get his website up and running along with his online store before then. Plus, he's had requests to design models for the BioCubes and Aquapods, so he's working on those designs, but right now the skimmers are custom fitted for just the NCs.
  15. Fission Nano Skimmer

    There's a guy here in Houston who makes skimmers that fit in the 2nd chamber of the nanocube. He made one for my coworker's NC12 and makes them for the NC24 as well. You can reach him at kyle@sapphireaquatics.com.