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  1. 2 clowns in a pod

    lol he has a tail, its just turned the other way so you cant see it in the picture. No he is nothing like Nemo. lol
  2. white things....snail eggs? HELP!

    YAY thats what they are thank you so much for the find and help! See I knew they were snail eggs I wasnt going crazy lol. ok so I am keeping them, if I have an over abundance of these snails ill sell them. Now my next question is how long does this stage take?
  3. white things....snail eggs? HELP!

    lol sorry just never seen those before Thanks for the help
  4. white things....snail eggs? HELP!

    I guess I should wait to see what happens, I do have those spiral dusters in my tank but they never started off as little egg things with yolks in them. I do have some spirals on my rocks too, but like I said I never seen them look like this and they seemed to pop up as my snails made their way agross the tank.
  5. 2 clowns in a pod

    hey he is just like nemo just without a tail....now you gone and hurt its feelings lol
  6. white things....snail eggs? HELP!

    oooo no I know what your talking about, not that isnt what they are. I know the spirals your talking about but these have no spiral at all. your talking about those little crusty looking things, ya its nothing like that.
  7. white things....snail eggs? HELP!

    weird, they still look like little eggs because of the yolk looking part. will they grow bigger?
  8. peek-a-boo

    Flame Hawkfish playing peekaboo and the clownfish trying to steal the picture for himself lol
  9. 2 clowns in a pod

    These 2 never seperate, they are truly an awesome pair. If one swims somewhere else and the other doesnt follow right away it goes crazy looking for its partner. AWWW how cute right?
  10. white things....snail eggs? HELP!

    baby feather dusters? That would be weird, I only had one and it died not to long ago, it dropped its crown and never regrew then I knew it was dead because the worm came out.
  11. Ok over the past couple of days I started getting a bunch of little flat round white circles form on my tank walls, then literally almost hundreds showed up. They only started after I bought some snails to clean up the tank, and I am almost possitive they are eggs from them. They even have little yellow yolk looking things inside of them which unfortunetly is hard to see in the pictures. Am I right are they snail eggs or should I dispose of these things?
  12. Snail question

    OK I dont have any pictures yet, it is late and I dont want to scare the fish by putting on the light just to take a picture, unfortunetly I have literally hundreds of little snails that come out only at night to feed on the algae growing. I love these little snails and I got them on a LR I got a while back. Then thing is while that rock is beautifully clean the other rocks are growing that brown algae that I need to control. They are a little smaller then pea size, mostly tan with darker stripes on the shells. I tried looking them up so I could perhaps purchase more to make home on the other rocks. Has anyone heard of these snails or can match by what I am describing them? Also, on this rock there has been a development of little white circles throughout the rock that look simular to little shells but they are flat. Could this be reproduction of these snails? I am unformiluar witht he way snails reproduce. I really appreciate the help guys. I hope to get pictures up of my tank soon.
  13. Help with Green Star Polyp ASAP

    ya there are a lot more out now that I am back home. I told my mom to keep the lights on in the tank on till I get home because she usually turns them off, so that way most would be out or I would hope. Sure enough about 15% is out. Its even easier to tell when I turn the natural light off like Mummer pictured and they glow. Sorry to freak out but im new to the coral thing and it really concerned me. I will try to take pictures as soon as my tank develops more. Thanks for the great help and reasurance guys, it calmed my nerves a lot. They still have a lot to go before they open all the way though.
  14. Help with Green Star Polyp ASAP

    yay I have a couple starting to come out of hiding but still a huge portion are hiding. They arent out all the way but one of them looks like it is going all the way out. Hopefully when I get off work I will come home to more sticking out to greet me. Sorry I worried so quickly but im still going to keep a very close eye on them.
  15. Help with Green Star Polyp ASAP

    Thank you guys, ill go try that. Its morning now and they still arent open quite yet. I just thought that at least one would open up. Also they arent in direct flow it is pretty light.