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  1. To Cover or Not to Cover?

    I have been keeping tanks for about 15 years and have never covered the top of any of them.
  2. First Mistake

    bluebastion Were not here for an English lesson.
  3. First Mistake

    you're an idiot
  4. Lighting Decisions for 10 Gallon Tank

    I have the Current 20" SATELLITE DUAL on my 10 gal tank and like it. That is another option for you.
  5. Fissy I built one of those that you mentioned. http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/showthread...+top+off+system That is a link to the one that I planned mine from. For me, I found that the key to it running sucessfully is maintaining the proper drip rate. Don't rely on the air intake shut off too much. I have had problems with the water getting stuck in this tube.
  6. t5 HO lights?

    Here is a link to T5 reflectors. http://www.sunlightsupply.com/aquarium/pro...ctcomparo.shtml I wouldn't buy a T5 system without individual reflectors on the bulbs. I have read that the Ice Cap reflectors are the best on the market. http://www.reefgeek.com/products/categorie...ing/104598.html Last of all. Do some research on Odyssea lighting before you make a purchase. The quality is questionable at best.
  7. Power_Center

    http://reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?s=4579e958eab32311046d16b8f3c7361f&threadid=584645&highlight=Coralife+timer Read this link. I hear that product has caused more that one house fire.
  8. Lighting Time

    I leave my lights on 10 hours/day. Both actinics and daylights come on at 2 pm and off at 11 pm.
  9. custom 10 gallon UPDATE

    Me either. Your still an ass!
  10. Are you really looking for feedback? They look great. Keep showing them off.
  11. custom 10 gallon UPDATE

    Your an ass. Get rid of the tangs.
  12. Feeding a cleaner shrimp?

    I feed Cyclop-eeze. http://www.freezerbar.com/ My Skunk cleaner loves it when He gets some to eat.
  13. Equipment-sumps

    http://www.melevsreef.com/ Good site. Lots of info.
  14. Easy and cheap cheesy top off.

    The funnel won't work. I actually have a large 30cc syringe on the air intake end of mine and that dosen't help. I figured out that I am dripping too fast. So, now I am experimenting with the drip rate.
  15. Easy and cheap cheesy top off.

    GreenUku I think your right. I have seen your thread. I built mine with a bunch of stuff I have lying around after reading that thread. Thanks. Like I said, my problem is that my Air inlet tubing is too small and the water siphons half way up the tube and then when the water level drops the water stays in the tube and the top off fails. I will replace it with a larger tube in the next few days and give that a try.