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  1. Anything else....

  2. Anything else....

    Changed my mind on the lights as i dont want the tank to have the lid because its got cracks in and its dirty, I want to have http://www.thelivingseas.uk.com/p/474360/c...ite-14000k.html these if they would be okay and ill build an acrylic over tank stand thing, or suspend the lights from the shelf above the tank. Also is there any downsides to having no lid? Oh and could I have a tiny fish in after a few months when i'd got the hang of corals and the water param's? I have seen pretty tiny tanks with little yellow watchmans and neon gobies in? Sorry to ask so many questions just really not wanting to mess this up Leedham
  3. Anything else....

    I think im going to go for those bulbs as i cant find anything that has been suggested available in the UK thanks for all the help. I now have the basics: a koralia nano powerhead, ASL T5 Compact Daylight/Actinic Tubes 8", 6-7kg of live rock, normal sand or arag sand, 50w heater. Thanks for all the help with this very grateful. Now a clean up crew to sort, Would say...4 turbo snails, and about 3 hermits be okay, and also a shrimp (need suggestions on this too ) to add a bit off colour and right now im reading everything i can on corals, really dont want to mess this one up cause ive put in two years of reading nearly everyday just to get half confident that this is going to work Thanks for all the help Leedham
  4. Anything else....

    http://www.aquatics-online.co.uk/catalogue...arine-lamps.asp Would any of these lights be okay for the tank? They have the right socket to fit into the lid that my tank already has plus they are cheap so i could get a backup or two . Leedham
  5. Anything else....

    Ill be getting some money in a couple of weeks and have got the powerhead ordered already so when i get my money i can get live rock and lights. Then to sit and wait till the tank has cycled always the worst bit. Thanks again for all the help Leedham
  6. Anything else....

    My tank is 12 long, and my lights are PL one blue one white, I dont know what anything to do with lights means so I am just posting what i can find about the lights . Thanks for the reply's Leedham
  7. Anything else....

    Thanks for those links, im looking through them now. Thanks for the welcome too, I've been looking at nano's since i joined and hoping for one but everytime I've got a tank its been to start another freshwater project or to keep a new reptile in . Quick question, how many watts of lighting will i need, it has a 11w light but im pretty sure that isnt enough. Thanks again Leedham
  8. Anything else....

    ...Ive got a 6.5 gallon tank going spare that im thinking of setting up as a nano reef. My list of stuff to get so far is: a koralia nano powerhead, some new lights (need suggestions on these e.g strength of bulbs and types), 6-7kg of live rock, normal sand or arag sand, 50w heater. What can people suggest as a clean up crew? And what corals would be good starters? Thanks Leedham