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  1. making a stand

    i read a post a little while back that hade some blueprints for a stand in it but i cant find it anymore-- anyone know of a web site that has a basic stand to build or decent stands for sale or anything that would help thanks much
  2. ? about total system size

    if i am useing a 20aga and a 14 gal sump do i need to hvae a flow that is 10 times the dispaly or 10 times the total capacity? also goes for heater and any other item that is based on tank size-- im pretty sure i need to go off the total size but i wanted to ask before i started my purchasing thanks
  3. help with acrylic bonding

    ok cool ty -- not sure how long till im done taking it piece at a time and also i dont have a camera all my money is going into the tank ill try though thanks a bunch
  4. help with acrylic bonding

    ok i started to put it together and i got all the sides but a leak in one of the corners can weldon 16 fix this? how big of a hole will 16 cover? and can i go over the whole thing after its together with 16 jsut to put a little more bond on it? or will that hurt more then help ty for any info
  5. your opinion

    20 aga - 14g fuge - 4 ft head loss-- main question is what size hole to use for bulkhead and what size mag to use to get water back up to tank --also can i just cut a bigger hole and then use a valve to lower the rate as needed? to keep up with my mag pump (whatever size it will be)
  6. flow from fuge

    if i use a lower mag (like mag 2 or 3) for the fuge that will lower my fuge flow to around 150- i think-- should i then add a closed loop with a swcd through a mag 5? - i am gong for the closed loop so i dont have a big powerhead in my tank i would like a tank empty of anyhting other then the live things does it matter where my holes are drilled into the tank for the drains to my closed loop and sump
  7. flow from fuge

    fuge is going to be about a 14 gal and tanks a 20 with a 1 inch bulkhead i think is what im going to use and if i put the mag 7 through the swcd and counting head loss from fuge it wont be that mch flow wil it? are fuges low flow for a reason?
  8. flow from fuge

    if i run a mag 7 from my fuge to my tank will that be enuff flow for the corals? non sps corals. and can i put the mag 7 through a swcd? or will that drop the flow to much ? ideas please
  9. can a tank have to much flow if your not going to be keeping sps?
  10. posting pics help

    nevermind i got it im an idiot
  11. pls tell me if im crazy i think i am

    i have no idea if this will work but its what i would like to try-- all holes will be drilled into the tank (glass)- its a 20g high-i need to know if the returns and drains will be large enuff to supply enuff flow, especially through the swcd-- is mag 5 enuff or with mag 5 in a closed loop and a mag 7 in the sump is it to much flow -- or for that matter can 5 holes nicely spaced be drilled in a 20 g? to many? sorry about the terrible pic im not a artist and after reading the post you can tell im not a speller either sorry for trouble thanks a bunch
  12. posting pics help

    how do you post a pic i add a atachment and it says to big how do some people put 10 pics on there if i cant put 1 on--any ideas? thanks a bunch
  13. easy to find bulkheads

    hello- im new to this forum and hobby in general. ive been reading for about a month on many things and i am about to start my plumbing but i cant find bulkheads anywhere-other then the 7 dollar ones on the live aquaria and marinedepot web sites-- any one have a better place to go? or cheaper web site- i need about 5 bulkheads and dont wanna spend over 40 dollars on em if possible any help would be greatly appreciated