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  1. Nano-Reef.com 10th Birthday Gift Giveaway

    Happy birthday NR!
  2. Ecoxotics "Eco Pico" Aquarium

    Well I was lucky enough to win one in their 13 days of Christmas giveaway! It arrived this morning and I quickly unpacked it. I am VERY impressed with the craftsmanship. The beveled glass is great, and the light arm is unbelievably thin and discreet. It has 3-1 watt LEDs, but according to Ecoxotic the driver included can handle up to 9, and they will shortly have 3-LED strips available to expand the light of the EcoPico without any fuss. Just plug and play to 9-1 watt LEDs! I am going to set it up as a pico reef, zoanthid heavy, I think. Once I get the other two LED strips I may move a few SPS frags over to see what happens. I am going to run it as is for now as far as filtration and flow go, and just do weekly water changes, but if I decide to add SPS I will likely increase flow somehow. Any input as to a couple of fishies for this bad boy?
  3. Hamilton 250 DE halide pendant

    I would like to see pics please.
  4. where to buy arcylic?

    No acrylic shop local to you? Shipping can be a bear. I live in a prety small area and even we have a plastics shop.
  5. Blue Xenia

    You don't even know if they are going to live and you are going to sell them to someone else????
  6. Any good ideas on Coraline and acrylic

    I have never had a problem with scratching my tank cleaning coraline off of it. I use THIS .
  7. Ricordia Rock

    Ricordia lighting and feeding depends on which species it is (yuma or florida). See HERE .
  8. Petco sale

    Picked up 3- 20L's for my next project!
  9. Zeovite Method

  10. mandarins

    The third pic Icyoud2 posted shows the spike very clearly. That is what you are looking for to differentiate a male from a female. The spike is usually visible even when the fin is down (it will hang off to one side or the other.
  11. snorkling pics

  12. Sudden Candy Cane Coral Crash

    Whenever I rebuild or move the tank around my CC crashes also, but always comes back. I just throw him in my QT for a few weeks (in case it does croak) and it is good as new. Strange, huh?
  13. cleaning an acrylic tank...

    Kent scrapers with the acrylic (red) tip for hard stuff, acrfylic safe scrubber pads for the soft stuff.
  14. Cheap frag plugs from Lowes.

    +1 hat zoa collection is awesome. I am aspiring toward that. Those "plugs" will look great once they encrust also.