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  1. ereefer

    Crack Kills!

    Funny. It was real successful until I tried stupidly drilling a pilot into plastic.
  2. ereefer

    Crack Kills!

    Thanks for the replies... yes it is a bad Whitney joke. Yes it's a glass JBJ Nano cube. I am going to silicone and add a little glass support.
  3. ereefer

    Crack Kills!

    Thanks, I am going to do that.
  4. ereefer

    Crack Kills!

    Should I cover it on both sides? Should I put glass over it?
  5. I successfully drilled my 12 gallon nano cube. Then I tried drilling a pilot through the hole into the plastic for my return line. My drill smacked the glass and did this: I have filled the tank and it does not leak AT ALL. It's in the middle chamber. I think I am going to epoxy a piece of glass over the crack. Any thoughts here? I do not want to throw it out. IF I have to I will.
  6. I second that. I am an avid MR member as well. At MR there is a 30 day/30 post restriction on selling and trading as well to prevent that sort of thing from happening. Sorry to hijack here, my point was he is not some scammer.
  7. Sounds like a good idea. I was thinking along the lines of harmful radiation in your tank as well, seeing as how light(and uv radiation) has a wide radius of travel. I am going to upgrade my biocube soon and am looking at all options. Thanks again Eirik
  8. I understand the concept of the build, but won't harmful radiation go out at all other angles not protected by the uv glass?
  9. I am looking for a JBJ Ato, have a ppe polyp for trade of used unit.
  10. ProClear Aquatics USED protein skimmer with new pump. http://www.globalpets.com/SPD/ProCle...-952542115.jsp Seio 620 Water pump/powerhead BRAND NEW http://www.aquaticeco.com/index.cfm/...tail/iid/12521 Looking for a auto top off system of some sort. Will ship. Thanks Eirik
  11. Mine doesn't either.... I am kinda bummed about that, that's why I searched out this thread.
  12. Well retrofit is an option, try nanocustoms.com. Standard bio 14 lighting is good for zoas, xenia, mushrooms, colts, GSP, and most other soft corals. Eirik
  13. #2 all the way. Can you tell me how you are delivering the water?
  14. The contest was something everyone could get in to. If we wanted to go TOTM, RC has that and the differences between RC and here has kept me here. I know I post about 1% if when I am here, niut that is the sole reason why(i am here).
  15. don't get mad guys, at least the response was punctual with the discussion.... gotta give em that!
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