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  1. polls are fun!

    I just moved and am in the process of setting up a new sw tank. While I try to find a job to fund everything I'm making a list of everything I need and was hoping you could all help me with my tank choice. I was thinking of a 12-25 gal tank. So here we go, if you have any recomendations check the "other" option and specify in a message. also if you guys want to comment on why you should go with one or the other post that too after you vote! Thanks.
  2. 12g set up questions

    I'm still reading up before I start setting up my nano reef. And had a few questions I didnt seem to find in any threads on this site. Hopefully some of you have some useful insight. First off, I'm still going back and fourth between getting a skimmer or not, I think my LFS had an ODYSSEA skimmer on one of their show tanks, any one know if theses are fairly good? Next, for a 12 gallon tank is a chiller needed, not sure yet what lighting i was going for, i think just a few power compacts enough for my live rock and maybe some mushrooms or something for now. Stock power head and maybe an additional one. and the skimmmer possibly. Also I was reading Tropical Fish Hobbyist mag. and saw a thing on phosphate reactors for nano tanks, anyone know the benifits of theses besides getting rid of silicates and phosoporous? is it just basically a filter? Thanks alot
  3. refugium basics

    OK , so as I sit here and read up about everyone modding their AC 500's for their nano reefs I start to wonder. I have tried to read as much as I could on ref's but still the basica benifits is all I can come up with that you grow macro and pods in it. Is this basically just to set up more of a biofilter/qt? Maybe someone could go over the basic outline of how to set one up for me, as there isnt really a sticky in this thread for it. I'm thinking of setting up a 10gal nano reef, with fish and live rock, and possibly later on corals. what would be the route i would go on to set up a ref. say if i were to start by purchasing an AC 500 or is that too small for a 10gal, would a 2.5 gal tank be better to use as a refugium? Thanks for your time. I know it can be annoying helping newbs out.
  4. Aquafuge question

    just curious but ive been reading alot of info on nanos and every where says you dont need filters and its better just to use biological filters. but now im reading alot of people say they are using filters and what not. could you explain this discrepency? thanks
  5. 10gal lights?????

    I figured i could hitchhike on this thread to get my own questions answered since its the same topic. Basically my question is that at the lfs here they have many tanks set up for the fish for sale and above those are hanging lights that look similar to these : http://www.bigalsonline.com/kernel/imagelo...als;key6=-100_l it was a much smaller version and totally self contained one had legs that extended to the top of the open tank. also ive read that retro fit kits like theres http://www.bigalsonline.com/catalog/produc...id1=1843;pcid2= would do the trick. and much cheaper than the metal hallide. Would I be able to house corals later on down the road? from what i read mushrooms would do fine. Thanks for your help