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  1. I would remover the larger drawer on the bottom to give room for dosing/mixing bottles, or space for power suplies. Add a fan on each side of the vortech controls one in other out. (symmetrical minded sorry)
  2. Receiving Coral Frags

  3. Auto Top Off / Kalkwasser set up correctly?

    your friend is right that is an air pre-filter and only slows down the flow and that could harm the pump in the long run. I would remove it and not worry about clumps of kalk in your sump. Run the line from the pump directly to the sump into the same chamber that your display drains into, this will mix the RO as much as possible before it makes it to the pump chamber.
  4. Fishless tank is good or bad for corals?

    I have a ten gal aio that I ran fish less SPS only, for a couple years until I made it a nem tank. It was just fine with floss and a fuge in the back and no fish but I did ad cyclops once a week. i would suggest feeding at least once a month to add proteins for the sps. Also do a search for a canister filter modded into a fuge, it was made by ninjafish.
  5. yellowdwarflion1

    ewwww took me three years to find one under $300 beautiful fish.
  6. Help with my intermediate LED nanocube!

    yea that will work just fine......that bit is nice, if you run at full rpm then just pretend it is a light saber and stab right into the stone,then cut a circle around the chalice so you can relocate the whole thing to a more isolated zone.
  7. Help with my intermediate LED nanocube!

    That's a tough one. Try a dremel with a tile cutting bit, it will remove a lot of rock but it will be the easiest way since a diamond wheel will be hard to maneuver and I don't know if you have access to a band saw. Also if you got any dead acros at your shop you can make a wall that will slow down their growth and you can later remove it to sell as a frag then replace with new wall.
  8. Help with my intermediate LED nanocube!

    Nice work! I don't think it is overstocked at all, but I would wait to add anymore coral until things grew in a little bit and you decide what you want to keep for the long run.............love the candy hog.
  9. LED Nanocube 28 gallons :)

    My LFS sells them for $69 but I see them at wholesalers for 25-30 (socal)........great fish I have had mine for 3 years.
  10. drunk buy

    I sell those for $200+ all day long, you got a nice piece for a good price.
  11. Acropora tortuosa

    Wow I read this and didn't even realize it was you. Good work, and good read.
  12. 40B Stand Build...COMPLETE!

    I will get some pics up for you in the morn but all done it looks like a wooden crate........no doors or hinges just panels and magnets.
  13. 40B Stand Build...COMPLETE!

    I made the same stand as you did except, I used 2x6 for the bottom frame and sealed it water tight to prevent leaks. I also made three panels framed them with molding then used magnets and inset medal plates to hold them on.
  14. Guidance and reassurance please!

    You are off to a good start. I would also return the slug/nudi and UV since you will need to supplement the slug/nudi with food and that is counter productive for a CUC member and the UV is over kill on a small system. Nice choice of corals, just go slow and good things will happen.
  15. I'm such an IDIOT.....urghh.

    Hey Ray what area are you in?