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  1. your friend is right that is an air pre-filter and only slows down the flow and that could harm the pump in the long run. I would remove it and not worry about clumps of kalk in your sump. Run the line from the pump directly to the sump into the same chamber that your display drains into, this will mix the RO as much as possible before it makes it to the pump chamber.
  2. ewwww took me three years to find one under $300 beautiful fish.
  3. My LFS sells them for $69 but I see them at wholesalers for 25-30 (socal)........great fish I have had mine for 3 years.
  4. I will post pics of my build. I did the same thing, except I used 2x6 for c and d for overkill and mine is 40x21 foot print, but I believe in overkill for a tank stand .........good job
  5. thats how I had mine but changed to run the outflow into fuge instead of skimmer. seem to get better cheato growth.
  6. Overkill
  7. Nano just get a cheep ATO or make one, not hard to do at all.
  8. is that 3 i see
  9. yet another masterpiece.
  10. FYI He can get a nasty sting from that blasto in the back
  11. I dont think its reef safe!
  12. no one has a 100% survival rate
  13. ummmm white frag might need to be moved further up in the out and in the trash.
  14. Lie

    lol didnt have to see "lie" to get it nice job