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  1. sandlot13

    The Unofficial WalMart Pico Contest

    Perhaps some mid-way rounds of voting on random topics (a few prizes helps, but even just voting in general would be fun). Just a random idea, could probably make a list if people were interested..... Then open it up to the nano-reef public to vote
  2. sandlot13

    The Unofficial Walmart Pico Contest

    sorry for the delay! totally spaced the date! Here is my FTS/FES, nothing new except a few frags
  3. sandlot13

    The Unofficial WalMart Pico Contest

    FTS and FES 2/27/2012
  4. sandlot13

    Mikes WalMart Pico

    Love that fish! How big does he get?? Gonna outgrow the tank eventually or do they stay relatively small? Ive been debating adding a fish to my tank, great choice!
  5. sandlot13

    Kat's Pico: Fashionably oops!

    Love the rescape And I too enjoy that top down look!!
  6. sandlot13

    Jumping on the Pico Train!

    Very nice, I love the black..... Where did you pick up the carbon cartridge replacements??
  7. sandlot13

    Sandlot's "Return-To-Glory" Pico Tank

    AH HA! Two pages!! I feel like I belong now that Im on twice the web space No word yet on the rhodactis... everything Ive seen on the internet that I can find doesnt quite look like it, so Im still keeping an eye out for anything similar. Its such a weird looking coral, but its one of my favorites so hopefully it thrives and "breeds"... man I feel like celebrating page two, perhaps its beer time??
  8. sandlot13

    The Unofficial WalMart Pico Contest

    Ive been using a toothbrush the whole time and its hasnt left many scratches if at all, but its a proverbial female dog to get some of that stuff off......... think just putting in a super clean up crew of 50 snails will do it??
  9. sandlot13

    Sandlot's "Return-To-Glory" Pico Tank

    Alrighty, so January came and went in a whirlwind of internal medicine and bachelor parties, so there wasnt too much added on my tank. I did, however, add a nice Pom-Pom/Boxer crab to my tank!! Ive always loved these guys, and even though they are pretty shy and mostly nocturnal, they are beautiful crabs and soooooooo freakin cool. Unfortunately, during transport my crab dropped his anemones.... I thought one may survive but they both withered away into nothingness, so Bam Bam is on his own as of right now. I wish I could acquire some mini anemones for him, but I dont think that's possible from what I have found online. Hopefully he picks up a zoa or something just for fun! Anyway, if you havent figured it out already, Im leaning more towards a "simplicity" approach with my tank. Adding a few choice corals here and there, maybe another creature as it goes. A few photos to keep it going.... Bam Bam FTS Jan 30, 2012 Oasis Corner
  10. sandlot13

    The Unofficial WalMart Pico Contest

    Sorry its a couple hours late, some technical difficulties post-trip to Seattle slowed me down. FES FTS
  11. Id love to be on the list as well please they look amazing!
  12. sandlot13

    Sandlot's "Return-To-Glory" Pico Tank

    Update coming soon..... just need to find a better way to clean this glass then the toothbrush I have been using so I can take some more pictures. Debating whether I should hit up the LFS to see if they have gotten any new frags in the last week
  13. sandlot13

    Sandlot's "Return-To-Glory" Pico Tank

    Rhodactis.... I am intrigued.... I'll research a bit and see what I can find. That was my original goal to do a chalice tank, but unfortunately here in Boise its hard to come by affordable chalice frags Ive picked up one or two here before, but the pickings are slim so I'll have to see if I cant get some shipped in sometime....
  14. sandlot13

    Sandlot's "Return-To-Glory" Pico Tank

    New rics that I bought! Between these and chalice corals, I dont know what I love more close up of the rics. Still working on getting clearer shots.... Chalice new shroom that I picked up... this thing is neon orange and I just couldnt get a good photo of it.... Be sure that more will follow Underside of the shroom when I first put it in, kinda cool looking even though its all blurry This is the pseudoshroom that I have not quite figured out what it is yet.... its plump like a anemone, but gets flatter like a mushroom. It usually looks neon green with black stripes, but I moved it lower in my tank away from the lights as it seems lighter than it used to be. Any ideas??? The best part about reefing is watching this stuff over time.....
  15. sandlot13

    Sandlot's "Return-To-Glory" Pico Tank

    two new corals picked up today! woop! (rewarding myself for keeping my head above water during my inpatient internal medicine rotation during the first week of 12 hour shifts). nothing too fancy, but added a little warm colors to my tank. pics coming soon! I think Ive also decided to add a few corals at a time, but leave plenty of room for growth. To me thats the coolest part, is seeing these things thrive and grow and take on a personality of their own. Debating on adding another invert or two, and possibly a small goby. Any thoughts of a fish in a tank this small??