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  1. If he found it in the ocean good thing he returned it to the ocean, Why return it to a lfs, so they can get him sick, sell it and then die?
  2. Where di you get that? or did you build it?
  3. Yes leave him alone, I have a great white shark in my saltwater pond and he is doing fine, well maybe not but It's for my pleasure and I enjoy it. BTW p.d.= post data, used in most countries (PR is not a country but the speak spanish) instead of p.s.
  4. measurements?
  5. are you sure that stand is gonna hold old the weight?
  6. You can find in those links how to make them.
  7. Yes!
  8. It's not hair algea, it's the lettuce kind (forgot the full name).
  9. IS this macro algea good? What about the bright green algea?
  10. Yes, they spin and create dynamic currents
  11. I have a coralife 24" 2x65W Coralife Aqualight CF hood,The rock is 2 different kinds, The big pieces are from teh atlantic, and the one around and on top are from hapai island.
  12. I just got it, I think is the deluxe version and it comes with 2 switches and 2 cords
  13. My 1 week old 20 gallon 22 Lbs. of Live rock 15 Lbs. Sand 20 Lbs. Live Sand
  14. My 1 week old 20 gallon 22 Lbs. of Live rock 15 Lbs. Sand 20 Lbs. Live Sand I'm adding a blue background