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    got it.
  2. using sunlight

    I live in Colorado also, and have kept a few tanks on natural sunlight alone. Sure colors arn't that great, but they are still there. IME sunlight from a south facing window is best, algae wise. And I have seen simillar tanks lit by sunlights, all of which had mirrors or some kind of reflective tube to get the most light. I think you will be just fine, and maybe betteroff without all those expensive electrical bills
  3. [CUSTOM] paco1l1d

    Thanks Ann, the acan is show great signs of regrowth the one polyp left has show great growth, and has even budded off a "baby" polyp. I added a pink and green frogspawn that a friend gave to me. This things sting is sooo powerful, it has even stung me. just kinda like a very mild bee sting but some how the clown goby has the ability to purch on it. really weird.
  4. Can i transfer into 1.8g Hex..

    My bad completly dissregard that vote. I would say yes, the rules only said "cannot EXCEED 2.5 gallons"
  5. [CUSTOM] paco1l1d

    Well I figured it was WAY past time for an update, many new addidions but sorry no pics the cameras on the fritz hopefully it will be replaced in a few days here. Added, brownish clown goby 5 new mushrooms of assorted colors 1 ric. Removed, Pinks protos. okay it may not seem like much but it seems like alot in such a little tank.
  6. Reef Chemistry Quiz - Think you know it all?

    78%, wow AP Chem really can be applied in life.
  7. lgreen's pico

    Ha, spoke to soon. Any word on your mystery fish yet.
  8. [CUSTOM] paco1l1d

    Thanks guys, The acan Is doing much better, I have feed it but only about one mysid shrimp. Ann, Suprisingly this green is one of the slowest growing toadstools I've had, so hopefully it wont outgrow this tank anytime soon. Of couse I could always frag it if it does, I have had a lot of offers for frags here in Colorado.

    Well I was the last to register, so I'll be the first to update. TOOTHBRUSH! And an updated: Specs: Equipment: 2.5 minibow Strange walmart brand filter/fuge Coralife mini aqualight 1-actinic 1-10,000K(soon to be 2-10,000K) Yeah thats it. Livestock: Bam bam orange zoas orage widow zoas pink zoas/palys (large colony is being moved back to main) Brown Xenia Anthelia Candy cane Red and green blasto teal and green blasto greenish ricordia brown/green pimpled mushroom red green and purple zoas purple and blue acan/blasto? star polyps SMALL long tent. toadstool. green toadstool (may be moved but is REALLY liking this tank) clove polyps halimedia sawblade carpula I think thats it. 3 lbs liverock 3lbs grey sand/ocilite stuff
  10. 2.5 updated 1-5-06

  11. 2.5 updated 1-3-05

    Thanks to bad the pic doesn't capture the true green of it. It is sooo much more colorful in person
  12. recovering acan

    well it was free, for one, and to begin with it had about three polyps but the damn bubble got to it and reduced that # to one. that polyp is recovering very well though.
  13. [CUSTOM] paco1l1d

    Well I had promised pics so here they are. Sorry it took so long, many new upgrades. I changes out the sand gravel mix for gray ocilite(is that right?), and I upgraded the lighting to a 9" 18 watt, coralife fixtue with actinic and a 10000K bulb but will be swaping out the actinic for another 10000K I just cant stand the coralife actinics they SUCK! A FTS so this pic really sucks but it is they best I can do at the time, I have a few things from my main tank as I am having problems with the ny sump/refugium. The green toadstool is not a permanate resident along with the large pink zoa/palys. And the large xenia will be moved into the main to replace the pompom that was lost. The new blasos this picture really doesn't do them justace the left is almost blood red with bright green centers, and the right has almost teal centers with a few sploches of brown. ANd the Free acan well this was three polyps but the anemone got to it and reduced that nuber to one but the remaining polyp is doing well.