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  1. hermit crabs

    my 3 blue leggers and 1 red legged hermit have done a ton of work and i've only had them for a week. they've cleaned off the biggest rock in my tank and it was preatty much covered with algae. that's more than I can say about the snails... they haven't done sh@#. you're right Nano. they do poop a whole lot. it's not lookin to good on the sand. is there anything that will eat sh@#? how do i keep it clean?
  2. Just getting interested

    hey Salim, welcome aboard. i'm also fairly new here. only joinded about 2 months ago. i've already got a tank set up and running. i just added some snails and hermit crabs a couple days ago and i can't wait to start getting corals. obviously you've already started reading and that's what everybody here is going to tell you to do. this place is by far the best place to get info on nanos. i've learned almost everything i know (not a lot but enough to get started) and everyday i'm finding new things here. go to the info part of this website. the articles in there are very helpful. as for you're question about adding ammonia... i don't think it's a good idea. the easiest way i've found and recently did is to get live rock AND live sand, then add the salt water and let it go. it's quite simple. this is the best hobby and you're gonna have a lot of fun. oh yeah, what kind of fresh water fish are you planning on keeping? i've got an 80gal fresh tank with african cichlids.
  3. Poop!

    It's pink with yellow and green polk-a-dots and it's shaped like a golf ball:P Like i said, 2 inches long and about 3/4inch thick, it's kind of rubbery when i poke at it, it's brown and it looks like a piece of....oh yeah, that's "NOT a desctiption"??????
  4. Poop!

    yes guys, I know. but Dave and i had a little argument a few weeks back and DAVE'S LAST WORDS were "you don't post in my threads and I won't post in yours". then he goes and posts that! that's the ONLY reason i snapped. don't get me wrong, i don't care if he's going to post in my threads, he knows his sh@#, as long as there not PUT-DOWNs like that. you've got to admit, that wasn't "sarcasm", he was asking for a fight. maybe i'm wrong but, i don't let people treat me like crap. thanks though, guys;) oh yeah. thanks Dave for editing your reply to something a little more respectful. i apreciate it:happy:
  5. Poop!

    dave, your the only moron here. obviously if i had a digi cam i would have posted a picture you f#%@ing idiot. thanks so much to everybody else who are actually here to help.
  6. First DIY attempt

    :woot: wooooooooo doggy. that looks sweetB) i keep hearing about this moonlight affect too but never really stopped to even wonder, but after seeing this i'm definately interested. Goby, what exactly did you buy to make that. is it an LED?
  7. Poop!

    I don't know...doesn't really look like its alive and it's still in the same spot as when i brought it home. if it was a cucumber or a slug, could it be dead and stay attached to the rock? it's about 2 inches long and about 3/4inch thick. i just don't know if i should take it out or not.
  8. up and running

    Hi eveybody, Well today i finally finished my DIY hood! got the lights all hooked up and glowing and it looks greatB) i also added the first few critters of the clean-up crew. this is my set up so far: 10g tank maxi jet power head 1.5" live sand 15lbs live rock 5 turbo snails 3 blue leg hermits 1 red leg hermit not a whole lot right now but i still can't keep my eyes off. it looks so good with the lights and the blue leggers are funny to watch. i'll be adding more to the clean up crew soon but the lfs is kinda low on stock right now. they're getting a big shipment next week. i really wish i could show everyone pictures but i don't have a digi cam or a scanner. i've been taking 35mm shots as i go along though and as soon as the roll is developed i'll go to my buddy's and use his scanner. any ways, bye for now. no need to reply. just thought i'd share my excitement with everybody.
  9. Poop!

    Hey everyone, 2 weeks ago when i got my LR i noticed this thing attached to one of the rocks. it kind of looked like a piece of POOP! :x i forgot about it cause i was so excited about setting up the tank. anyways, today i finally finished my DIY hood. i fired up the pcs and noticed the Turd agian. what is this thing? its attached to one of the rocks, it's kind of rubbery when i poke at it, and like i said before, it looks like somebody pinched a loaf on one of my rocksX) anybody have any ideas of what this might be?
  10. water changes during cycle

    thanks dave. i'll consider it:
  11. water changes during cycle

    seeing as the majority of the replies say no, i won't do a water change 'till the cycle is done. thanks guys
  12. water changes during cycle

    ok, I finally got my LS and LR after a week of waiting till I could afford it. i have about an inch a bit of LS and 15lbs of cured live bali rock. i put the sand in 2 days ago and the rock today. anyways, here's my question: should i be doing water changes during the cycleing period or wait till I get some livestock?
  13. cloudy water

    I guess you weren't at my house the other day Dave, or else you would have seen that i fallowed the directions perfectly. i AM using rodi and i also had done exactly what you mentioned. Don't tell me what I did or didn't do!!! Anyways, thanks for the answer I was looking for Djm9288. the water cleared up by the time i went to bed.
  14. getting my room painted in a few hours...

    sounds great. my room is a deep blue and looks awsome with my tanks.
  15. cloudy water

    i have Coralife salt. i took my powerhead and used it like a leaf blower to get all the salt off the bottom and mix it around. is it normal for it to be cloudy for the first little while?