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  1. 6 gallon long fuge

    Ko I mean Ok so I cann't Type,
  2. 6 gallon long fuge

    Thanks, still one of the sweetest fudges I've ever seen. I'm trying to get mine looking good. I have put some turtle grass and several cauperla spices in there so far. What kinda critters do you have in there? Keep us updated.
  3. 6 gallon long fuge

    Knock..Knock... Who's there? Updates? Updates Who? Arencha goinda post thoes updates??
  4. 6 gallon long fuge

    update? and pictures please awesome fuge.
  5. Skimmers in NanoCube

    Nice work Paul, I'm setting up a 12 gallon for my wife soon and this sets one concern aside. You said that you installed an auto-top off system in your cube can you give me details on which one and where you placed it? Thanks.
  6. Garage Sale

    What's the "30"x12"x15"(29) MH canopy(no lights) custom build" look like can you post a pic please, and where are ya? I might be interested if shippings not going to kill me. Thanks.