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  1. mystery snail

    Sure it aint one of these? hard to tell with the pic you have posted, if it is it eats zoanthids i just got rid of one! Follow this link: http://melevsreef.com/id/kritter2.html click on the picture and it tells you all about it.
  2. bottled water

  3. my new 5.5, what ya think?

    Must say i liked the 'wall effect' better, still looking good though! Jay
  4. diatoms

    Hope it all works out Heron:) I think it will. Yeah i was asking about the Buxton again as i may do the same as you as i went to the LFS that sells the RO or ready mixed n it aint so local!!! either that or buy loads and just go every month or so.
  5. diatoms

    Glad to hear it Heron, Well my nano is coming on, the hood is varnished everything is ordered the only thing i need to get now is a refractometer, seen one on ebay... So should be set up within a week im gonna do some tests with fresh water as im unsure about the temperature changes with the lighting i have as i have not installed the fans yet, gonna see how the tests go. So you mixed your own water with Buxtons seems everything is A OK apart fromthe diatoms, maybe there due to it being such a new tank?? speak soon
  6. diatoms

    Off subject a little Heron but what PH is theBuxton your using? Thought it was too low, are you adding PH buffer? or is the PH ok:) Cheers Jay
  7. diatoms

    Just seen the other post with pics, id have to agree dont look like xenia, but whoam i to say!
  8. diatoms

    Does the xenia pulse? how much was it? sorryfor all the questions!! That will be my first soft coral. In about 2 months... Think im gonna go with Buxton for water changesn top offs, gonna but RO from the FS its about 20 miles from where i live to start my nano off though.
  9. Instant Shrimp, just add water and they grow!

    Yeah i had sea monkeys for about2 years from the original packet obviously they reproduced. They were big suckers too, about 8mm long, used to feed them to my FW. And yeah the water was full of algae.
  10. diatoms

    Pics wheres teh pics!!! :) are they doing ok???
  11. bottled water

    Hi Heron, dont know if you have come across it but i found a nice friendly UK forum, there are a few on there who keep Nano's im posting updates on there follow the link: http://www.uk-aquarist.com/index.php?showtopic=11580 Have not got as far as i would like been busy lately. By the sounds of it your nano is doing great. I put summit on the post about buxtonthey recommended not to use it (prob because hey have never tried it!) Im gonna buy some RO water froma local store at 50p a gallon once they test it in front of me then prob use buxton for top offs and water changes:)
  12. condensation ?

    Might put the fans half way between the acrylic and lights so one half cools lights and one half of the fans blow across the water surace.....If that makes sence!
  13. Link to post with no reply

    Hi people i posted a post in the begginers forum, there has been no reply, maybe i posted in wrong section. Its to do with my diy/custom hood im building Could any one have a look and see what you think : http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/showthread...&threadid=65583 Thanks alot:)
  14. diatoms

    Glad to hear your new nano is going well Heron, Whats the PH on the Buxton you are using? are you adding PH buffer to increase the PH. i was looking at Buxton parameters and the PH is quite low, well i think so anyway! Highland spring seems to have better parameters. I got a post on here where a place sells RO water for 50p a GAL or £1 ready mixed. Probably get the RO water mix my own to start up then use Buxton or Highland for top ups and water changes. Nearly finished my hood... Have you any pics of your tank???
  15. Sun Tea Jar Auto Top-Off

    GreenUku, Great post when my nao is setup i think i may be coming back to this plan.