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  1. cardinals? whats your take?

    cardinals are very hardy fish. bangaiis are definatley a schooling fish. will breed on their own in a well established tank. when buying a wild caught one.. make sure hes eating and see if your lfs will put him on hold for a couple of days. we lose about 35% of wild caught bangaiis at my work. i had a baby one in my 12g until the other day when my tank got 90 degrees. wanted to smash my tank. bangaii
  2. fungia plate unidentified

    not at all.
  3. red scooter blenny

    my latest addition to the tank. been in there 2 weeks. awsome fish.
  4. fungia plate unidentified

    from a customers tank. 1 of 3 babies from a larger plate he has.
  5. bangaii cardinal

    2 months old. born in a tank i service. ended up downstairs in the sump.
  6. close

    may 20 06
  7. full shot

    may 20 06
  8. Worlds most expensive coral!

    $1200 is nothing for a blacktip. ive seen a few sold for $3500+
  9. 100_0109_Custom_

    tank looks good. where in ct are you from?
  10. id on segmented worm

    ive seen at least 5 in my tank. this is the only one ive been able to catch so far. not sure what he was so i wasnt about to put him back in. all drains lead to the ocean...right? when i catch another ill get a better pic. havent seen them eating anything. very hard to catch also. they see me when i walk up to the tank and quickly retract back into the rock.
  11. id on segmented worm

    can anyone id this?
  12. xenia

    was a frag that jumped off a colony at my lfs. cost me $5. glued it to a small piece of base rock. been in there 7 days. already spreading to the rock next to it.
  13. green zoas

  14. day 35

    not much new. now have: 8 nassarius snails 5 blue leg hermits about 50 brittle stars(came in 1 rock) green zoa. yellow polyps bullseye mushroom pulsing(pumping) xenia