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  1. Next contest?

    until someone pushes the button ...........:evil:
  2. Zephyr's 3.5 TruVu Journal

    Update - 1) Added ~1.5 lbs of dead live rock this morning 2)Have to wait 1-2 weeks for live rock now, the only marine store in N.Ireland is out of Lr 3)Checked ammonia, it lies at 5 ? I did a retest and it was correct.Could it be die-off from the dead live rock or something else in the tank? Should i do a WC? 4) Removed aquaclear 301 and ordered a tunze mini pump from PA 5) Hopefull order ballast this week 'till Later...
  3. Zephyr's 3.5 TruVu Journal

    Got a pic..... Ain't much at the moment but it will be when i get the rock and Mh set up 'till later....
  4. No Rock or MH yet

    Can't get the hang of this photography thing....
  5. Zephyr's 3.5 TruVu Journal

    Well i was planning on having one fan pulling the warm air out of the hood and one directly onto the water. Yes i have a uv glass shield. The ballast that I am going to get will probably be some random brand, because its extremely difficult to get 70w halides and equipment here, and i take it that a 150w halide ballast wouldn't work, because we have plenty of good 150w ones here. Sorry, i got mixed up with the PC, its a 2 x 18w PC, it fits if theres nothing else under the hood but it diagonally, though its only a temp till i get my ballast.
  6. Zephyr's 3.5 TruVu Journal

    Ok so i'm definitely gonna set up my TruVu here is some info (Remember i'm in the uk so have difficulty getting some things ): Flow: Aquaclear Mini HOB Aquaclear 301 Powerhead Lighting: 1x 70w HQI MH with 14k bulb retro'd in hood(Need to get ballast replaced, probably be here in 2-3 weeks so not retro'd yet) 1x 36w PC 7100k until MH gets set up Temperature: Coralife digital Thermometer with external probe Hagen tronic 25w in Aquaclear 1" DC Pc Fan for cooling in hood 2 1/2" DC Pc Fan for cooling water (Maybe) Inside: 1" aragonite sand Gonna get my liverock hopefully on saturday probably 2-3 lbs, i dont want too much, if I need more i have plenty of dead live rock - i dont want it to look too full or crowded with lr! Thats a wrap for today, i'll try and get pics of it so far in the next few days....
  7. 3.5 gallon tru-vu...

    you probably could notch it, but i dunno if it would be good for the tank. i have a mini and i can fit the smallest hagen tronic by drilling the lid of the ac mini.
  8. 3.5 gallon tru-vu...

    I have the truvu and imo the combo would be fine. Also, I don't think the ac300 fits cos it has a small opening in the back for a filter, its not open the entire length.Ac minis /20s fit perfectly though
  9. Idol Nano

    Easily LiQuiD's but I can't find the pics they're gone from his thread, other than that it would definately be B16a2NR's reefs
  10. Cycling

    prolly a lozorface troll - what a loser
  11. Zephyr's 7g Minibow

  12. here is where your corals come from!

    Cool suff- great link!
  13. malawi's NEW(ish) 60 cube

    I really like the lopk of chromis tanks too- did you get it with the mh and the full kit- it must have cost alot
  14. B16A2NR's 3.5 TRUVU

    Wow those are awesome Are you ablle to get more pics of the glass on the tank and how its put on the hood - i cant really tell from page 1
  15. Beginner corals

    I agree with proraptor on the corals, tho also xenia. Zoanthids are very poisonous so wear gloves and wash your hands...