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  1. Thanks for all of the good info! hyoctane- my tank is was 1 month old yesterday. I cycled it without any filtration, and then I added the Fission Skimmer. It was removed after I couldn't get it to work. Since I couldn't use the skimmer, I decided to get some Purigen. I do religous water changes, but is 100ml too much Purigne for the 6g? That's what I have in their right now.
  2. i've searched for this and can't find it, anyone?
  3. I have a Nano Cube 6, with Live Rock in chamber 1, Fission Skimmer in Chamber 2, and the pump and heater in chamber 3. Can I put my chemical media (100ml purigen in a media bag) on top of my live rock. This would make the water flow through the purigen first, then the live rock, then the skimmer, and back to the tank. OR should I put the purigen above my pump, so that the water goes through the live rock, then skimmer, then purigen, then back to the aquarium. Does it even matter? Thanks! -John
  4. How were you first introduced to nano reefs?

    I went to the bahamas on spring break, and there was no one to feed my freshwater dwarf puffers because I live in a dormitory that was locked over spring break. I got back, and my tank looked like crap. I went fishing, spearfishing, conch diving, and lobster diving when I was in the bahamas, and this had a major role on me ditching the freshwater tank. I gave my puffers to my next door neighbor's fish tank, cleaned out my nano cube 6, and put some lr, ls, and saltwater in asap. I am very happy with my purchase so far!
  5. Please help me ID Trogdor the Crab

    That is one of the more evil looking crabs that I've seen lately.
  6. Okay, I took this thing out of the tank. Looks like I've reached the limit for the tank right now, so I am going to sit back, enjoy, and let it grow up for a while.
  7. Slug-type thing

    I did not buy this, and I've been noticing it lately. Its like a slug or snail, it has no shell. It has a dark speckled body, and two antenae. It moves around like a snail, yet it is one of the creepiest things I've ever seen.
  8. I will up the water changes. You are right about the cycle, I noticed some diatoms appear and slowly start to fade away. I might get rid of the torch coral and let the tank get a couple of months under its belt first. Thanks!
  9. Here we are: Ammonia: <.25 mg/l Nitrites: <.3 mg/l pH: 8.3 SG- 1.024 Temperature: 75 F I am going to get a new test kit soon, but right now I'm using a Tetratest Laborett which I don't consider extremely accurate. I don't have a nitrate test. The tank has been up for two weeks, and everything in it (live rock, live sand,etc) came from an established tank. I do weekly water changes of 1-2 gallons, and the flow rate is a little more than 10x. The lighting is the stock 18watt power compact 50/50. I am not running any kind of filtration. I've had the coral for 1 week. Everything else in the tank is doing fine. Thanks! -John
  10. Should I cut off the dead parts?
  11. Water Choice

    So... the calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and potassium bicarbonate aren't going to be detrimental to my reef?
  12. Hey guys, Can you help me identify this coral? They said it was a frogspawn when I bought it, but it doesn't look the same as the other frogspawns I've seen on the internet. I think it is a torch coral, but I'm not sure. The reason I need to identify it is because it has something wrong with it. The tentacles are shriveling up and getting darker, and they disappear and leave the stony base behind. When I bought this coral, it had two of these empty bases, but another one has almost completely died, leaving 2 semi-healthy ones left. Should I remove the dead bases somehow by cutting them? Please help, any response would be greatly appreciated! -John
  13. Water Choice

    Here's the deal: I'm in college at TCU, and they require everyone to purchase a meal plan that is basically way above the amount that anyone would ever need to eat. Because of this, I have tons of money in this meal plan that I can use to buy other things, notably bottled water for topping off my 6g nano cube. The bottled waters available for me to buy are Ozarka, Fiji, and Smartwater. I don't if they add anything to Ozarka, but the other two have this in them: Fiji: (typical analysis in mg/liter) Silica- 85 Calcium- 17 Magnesium- 13 pH- 7.5 Bicarbonates- 140 Total Dissolved Solids- 210 I assume the ph is too low for me to use Fiji, among other things. Smartwater: (bottle says "vapor distilled water with electrolytes") calcium chloride magnesium chloride potassium bicarbonate I thought it would be interesting to see what you guys would recommend, thanks! -John
  14. Adding New Corals

    I have a new tank that has live rock, live sand, and water from an established tank. It's been running for 3 days, and I added a GSP today, how long should I wait until I add another coral? Thanks! -John
  15. Cardinal and Chromis

    Alright, does anyone object to me getting an ocellaris clownfish?