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  1. Xenia Dying

    Dont give up on those water changes. You'll succeed in a short few months combined with light feedings.
  2. [OPEN] oogie

    This is going to turn out great. Nice addition of the SCWD. I agree that the connected offsite sump will allow you to cool the water better since you'll be using metal halides. Should also help to some degree with evaporation.
  3. Sick/Dying Leather???

    i thought leathers often shed their skin, especially toadstools.
  4. Spot feeding Marine Snow?

    I often use a skinny sringe with pumps off to cloud my corals that feed on phytoplankton. I think it's a good idea.
  5. Yasha Hase

    my pistol shrimps clicks often also. Mostly at night.
  6. pistol shrimp clicks a lot

    It's probably trying to frighten away something in your tank. Add one of the sybiotic gobies for this guy such as a banded shrimp goby or even a yellow watchman i believe will share a den.
  7. nu2salt's second pico

    I love that tank. Once again, nice zoos.
  8. My DIY nanocube at work (lots of pics)

    Excellent Job. That's a nice setup you have created. Those zoos are amazing!
  9. unknown coral

  10. Brain eating my damn damsel

    i think killing the fish was a cruel act.
  11. nano cube pics (sun coral, snowflake)

    Ive always bowl fed my sun corals. Ive dont this since Ive had them, probably about 8 month. They've done nothing but grow, grow, grow. I dont think sun corals are stressed at all. Mine are trained. They open when they're in the bowl because they know food is coming
  12. SPS under PC?

    Metal Halide lighting provides a spectrum of light unmatched by PC's.