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  1. 2D_Todd

    Easter Clownfish

    I have never been able to get a clear shot of my fish with my digital camera... here's the next best thing!
  2. 2D_Todd

    How you got into the hobby

    It all started when I was 10 years old and got a 10 gallon tank for my birthday... I kept mostly Platies, Swordtails, and tetras inside. When I was in high school my neighbor had a saltwater fishtank and I was mesmorized by it, I would go with him to the fish store and pick out new inhabitants for it all the time. The ten gallon eventually grew to a 29 gallon tank, which was given away when I graduated High School... my two years in the dorms was my hiatus away from fishkeeping... Shortly after signing a lease on my current apartment I began researching and setting up my saltwater tank... its been up for about 3 years now... but... it will be handed over (sold extremely cheaply) to someone I know in the next couple of months because shortly after I graduate I will be moving to Taiwan for an unknown amount of time (at least one year) to teach English as a Second Language.
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  5. 2D_Todd

    My 29g at 9 months - a success?

    Success! Your tank is really nice.... post some more pics.
  6. 2D_Todd

    Tigahboy's 0.1g Mantis Pico

    I should have made a pico for the mantis I caught out of my 29 gallon... but I flushed him down the toilet instead.
  7. 2D_Todd

    who hates doing water changes?

    I once gave myself a pretty good shock unplugging my hood.... How's that for a gripe?
  8. 2D_Todd

    who hates doing water changes?

    Hmmm, last week's Cleaning Fishtank had many genres, also included are the actions that took place approximately during the songs: Handsome Boy Modeling School - Rock and Roll part II (mixing saltwater) Handsome Boy Modeling School - First... And Then (cleaning glass top) Cibo Matto - Working for Vacation [scraping algae off the glass (new bulbs in the mail, I waited too long to buy new ones)] Tom Petty - Learning to Fly (pacing about the kitchen with a cold one) Tom Petty - I Won't Back Down Prodigy - Diesel Power (at this time, I think I was syphoning water) Foo Fighters - I'll Stick Around (filling tank with new saltwater) Foreigner - Double Vision (sitting infront of tank, watching the corals open back up, and all the animals come out of hiding) I am such a nerd.
  9. 2D_Todd

    who hates doing water changes?

    I do not mind water changes, entire tank maintainence only requires about a half an hour a week, and I always make a "Cleaning Fishtank" playlist to rock out to.
  10. 2D_Todd

    Attila the Hun approves

  11. 2D_Todd

    Brushed Aluminum iPod

    this is what happens when I have nothing to do for an hour.
  12. 2D_Todd

    Gave my iPod a facelift

    if it wasn't for the existing scratches on the flame area, this would look damn sexy.
  13. 2D_Todd

    sunday 6-pack

    The picture of the yellow cup by itself does not do it justice, it looks great in the full tank shot where you get an idea of its size and the dramatic effect it has on your tank. Nice find.
  14. 2D_Todd

    My 29 gallon tank

    Just added the Xenia yesterday