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  1. 2D_Todd


    I can only hope that during my lifetime the DPRK is dissolved and the peninsula is unified under ROK rule.
  2. 2D_Todd

    Easter Clownfish

    I know I'll have CM's vote!
  3. 2D_Todd

    Easter Clownfish

    I have never been able to get a clear shot of my fish with my digital camera... here's the next best thing!
  4. 2D_Todd

    How you got into the hobby

    It all started when I was 10 years old and got a 10 gallon tank for my birthday... I kept mostly Platies, Swordtails, and tetras inside. When I was in high school my neighbor had a saltwater fishtank and I was mesmorized by it, I would go with him to the fish store and pick out new inhabitants for it all the time. The ten gallon eventually grew to a 29 gallon tank, which was given away when I graduated High School... my two years in the dorms was my hiatus away from fishkeeping... Shortly after signing a lease on my current apartment I began researching and setting up my saltwater tank... its been up for about 3 years now... but... it will be handed over (sold extremely cheaply) to someone I know in the next couple of months because shortly after I graduate I will be moving to Taiwan for an unknown amount of time (at least one year) to teach English as a Second Language.
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  7. 2D_Todd

    the happy couple

    Hao ke ai
  8. 2D_Todd

    My 29g at 9 months - a success?

    Success! Your tank is really nice.... post some more pics.
  9. 2D_Todd

    Tigahboy's 0.1g Mantis Pico

    I should have made a pico for the mantis I caught out of my 29 gallon... but I flushed him down the toilet instead.
  10. 2D_Todd

    who hates doing water changes?

    I once gave myself a pretty good shock unplugging my hood.... How's that for a gripe?
  11. 2D_Todd

    who hates doing water changes?

    Hmmm, last week's Cleaning Fishtank had many genres, also included are the actions that took place approximately during the songs: Handsome Boy Modeling School - Rock and Roll part II (mixing saltwater) Handsome Boy Modeling School - First... And Then (cleaning glass top) Cibo Matto - Working for Vacation [scraping algae off the glass (new bulbs in the mail, I waited too long to buy new ones)] Tom Petty - Learning to Fly (pacing about the kitchen with a cold one) Tom Petty - I Won't Back Down Prodigy - Diesel Power (at this time, I think I was syphoning water) Foo Fighters - I'll Stick Around (filling tank with new saltwater) Foreigner - Double Vision (sitting infront of tank, watching the corals open back up, and all the animals come out of hiding) I am such a nerd.
  12. 2D_Todd

    who hates doing water changes?

    I do not mind water changes, entire tank maintainence only requires about a half an hour a week, and I always make a "Cleaning Fishtank" playlist to rock out to.
  13. 2D_Todd

    elle and milo

    My parent's cat looks like the one on the left
  14. 2D_Todd

    Attila the Hun approves