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  1. DIY Peltier Chiller for $20-$60

    good point. I'm just testing it out by taking my temp probe in my ac mini and I took out the tube so it recirculates the same water. keep you posted
  2. Chiller coating possibilities

    yeah... it didn't work. it was pretty thin and it cracked on all the edges when it dried. I'm trying Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy Spray Paint.
  3. Chiller coating possibilities

    I'm going to try coating a heatsink with DIY acrylic cement. MEK + acrylic chips = Thick and smelly clear liquid. I'll keep you informed in the "DIY Peliter Chiller for $60" tread.
  4. DIY Peltier Chiller for $20-$60

    Ok, here's the latest update. I purchased a 30 x 30 mm Peltier device, a power supply, a large heatsink and fan and I found a small and large heatsink for the tank. I am going to try out the DIY acrylic cement to create a thin barrier of acrylic on the heatsink. I'll let you all know what happens in a matter of hours. I just need some thermal epoxy. But I am going to cut the HOB to fit the peltier. Pics soon.
  5. DIY Peltier Chiller for $20-$60

    Latest Update... I purchased the AC mini from Petsmart. If you print out the www.petsmart.com price, they will match it. The in-store price was $21.99 and the online price was $13.99. I dropped my calupera in it for the time being (it went back into the tank sometime last night). I need to get some screen material or something to make it stay in the HOB. Now... just need another paycheck or two...
  6. DIY Peltier Chiller for $20-$60

    I am a sucker for a free mixing wand!
  7. DIY Peltier Chiller for $20-$60

    First Question... I did not know that their was thermal epoxy. Does it provide permanent adhesion? I guess I need to do more Homework. Second Question... 37w TEC was rated at 80's btu so i hope that will be enough. Ideally, I only need to keep the water from getting hotter. I always wake up and check the temp and it's usually around 79F (living in southern california). I would only need it to sustain that temp throughout the day. Check my math in my first post though and let me know if my math and logic are right (or at least sound right). Toodles
  8. DIY Peltier Chiller for $20-$60

    naw... I'm going to use the aquarium silicone to seal the peltier and the 2 heatsinks. I may use thermal tape rather than paste just to give it more adhesion. Also something i might do is use some superglue gel on the corners of each side (the hot and cold) to hold onto the heatsink better. Or, a combination of all of that to ensure the overkill factor kicks in (I will be able to sleep better at night). I also plan on making a little jig to make sure my dremmel doesn't cut more than i want it to. I may try to outfit the square with a little bit of silicone way before i place the fixture into it so that it has time to cure and strenthen up. Other thoughts are to use marine epoxy on the outside edges of the HOB to make it rock hard and bulletproof... hopefully. Thanks for the thoughts... i'm thinking about all of this while I reply. I hope this thread will make it extremely easy for me to do this all in one shot!
  9. DIY Peltier Chiller for $20-$60

    Why are you planning on coating the heatsink fins with epoxy? Check out the pic... I think your confused with the idea. I need to coat the internal heatsink (in contact with water) cause it's metal. Simple Redox rxn principles. If you plan on reversing the heatsink so the fins are glued to the peliter, why? Nope, you'll see in the pic. The gradient represents my heatsink, squint and it almost looks like one Also why do you recommend taking the fan off of the heatsinks hot end? I stated that if you purchase 2 heatsinks with the 40x40mm footprint and they both happen to come with fans, you need to take off the fan on the heatsink that is going to be in the HOB. the Iceprobes probe is far from the size of a "dowel" in the water. Dowels come in all sizes. The surface area of the probe is many times larger than 40x40mm that your flat peliter is. So in theory it should have much greater cooling efficiency being an area with larger mass. I think you'll get the idea by now.
  10. Wiring a custom hood?

    www.froogle.com search 'coralife 20w' and you'll see plenty of results.
  11. DIY Peltier Chiller for $20-$60

    My thoughts on that are as follows xeon... I was actually told by an associate at HD that the resin will form a better protective layer around the heatsink. I still believe that when you heat up the resin, it will become thinner and therefore create a thinner coat on the heatsink than non-warmed resin. The reasoning behind the thinner coat is that the transfer of heat will occur at a higher rate when the distance between the 2 mediums is decreased. I also chose to use a heatsink for the cold transfer rather than the iceprobe "dowel" because it will have a greater surface area for the water to flow over (unless it all freezes and i get an ice ball). So regardless of the conductivity, if i coated it thin enough and increased the surface area, i SHOULD (ideally) get the same results or better than an iceprobe (in terms of heat transfer). Xeon, thanks for the questions. I need to do more research on the K values because i did some research and they are all around 1.1-1.4.
  12. Week 1 of pico 2.5 and Noobism = full

    well... the calupera is not growing as fast as it did before. I have also gotten rid of my two turbo snails and have since gotten a clean up crew all up in there. I have an emerald crab, a camel shrimp and a red hermit. They seem to be loving the fact that my LR is teeming with crud cause it wasn't fully cured. But in some spots, they have chewed it down to the white rock... good job crew! I am also slowly looking into making a TEC for it but i need another paycheck or 3. Check back with ya later!
  13. DIY Peltier Chiller for $20-$60

    Just an update, it's been a few days since any posts. I was looking at 2 part epoxy from HD today and I had a general question. Does regular epoxy give off anything that will kill my reef? I was kind of thinking that since it is so hard when it dries that it is virtually bullet-proof. The other thought I was thinking was to use fiberglass resin (just the resin... not the fiberglass) because I think it dries to be about the same hardness as an epoxy. Hit me up with some knowledge yo!
  14. DIY Peltier Chiller for $20-$60

    Thanks for the info jhupp. I'll have to do some research on that.
  15. both of my lfs in Simi Valley stock it at around ~.70 cents /gal