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  1. Coral Reef Health Question

    be quiet, your ass is in outer space.
  2. Coral Reef Health Question

    A really big extent, so big you can take that extent and lay it sideways it will form a line of bagels from earth to our reefs and back several times.
  3. Need HELP with my SeaHare!

    maybe he died of constipation
  4. Chemi-pure?

    Yeah it is (supposed to be wet), why are you using it though? I bought it once but then heard using plain old activated carbon is just as good.
  5. slug? found in HI

    awesome! thanks reefman225gal
  6. any idea what this is? several of them were on rocks close to the surf..
  7. Marinebiologists 12g Nano Cube

    cyanoacrylate = super glue.
  8. Cool find, 5 outlet GFCI adapter

    If your T5s are on the gfci then it could be that's tripping the circuit.
  9. Anyone REALLY serious?

    Not just that, the guy registered just for that post.
  10. What would you do?

    You could get an orange sea rod and some ricordeas from SeaLifeFlorida (run by Ken Nedimeyer). http://www.sealifeinc.net/catalog/index.php
  11. 70w MH over 1gal Pico

    You lose intensity over distance, so after a certain distance you won't be efficient with your lighting. Also, light is only one part of what challenging corals need (high light demanding corals). You would also need to provide for stable water parameters and sufficient flow, which are a little more challenging with a 1g volume. I echo fiction101's suggestion to go with a 10g.
  12. why? so he can have his ass beaten in customs on his way back? j/k very nice tank and welcome!
  13. Humans Blamed in Coral Reef Disappearance

    Don't count on it, if the coral reefs are well and truly gone there is absolutely nothing that anyone can do anything about it to bring it back. Taking corals or entire aquariums and planting them back into the ocean will not do squat.
  14. It's EVERYWHERE!

    Unsure about the CUC question, but the best way to slowly raise the salinity is to do partial water changes with water at the target salinity. So if your salinity is at 1.021 and you want 1.025, then make a batch of 1.025 salinity and do a water change with that and repeat after a few days.