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  1. where is waldo?
  2. <jaw dropping>
  3. wow. nice coraline.
  4. is that rocky top I hear?
  5. dude, those chairs are sweet!
  6. thats sharp how you took the bottom off...I may need to do that. like the lr
  7. 2.5 minibow...or minibowl lol thin layer of fine sand with a small amount of crushed coral thrown on top still needs some work, but it is maturing well at about 4 months old now
  8. one vote for a fellow swimmer
  9. my pick so far
  10. coming along nicely how about a clam?
  11. hows that oddysea light holding up?
  12. looks nice! is that an eclipse hex?
  13. Just noticed this worm-like creature on my lr. Its really weird and is bright yellow with what looks like many strands of fine yellow hair coming from its body. Its about an inch long and a mm wide. Any ideas?