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  1. My slice of the Ocean

    Its been quite a while since I was on here. Time flies when your having fun. Here is my newest wet home. It is a custom built glass tank. 6' x 30" x 20". Euro brace design with a 120g for the sump. Still need to build the wrap for the stand. Here is my 180g sting ray tank.
  2. What do you do for a living?

    This is a very intereasting glimps into the cost of living around the country. I live in Utah. I own a cabinet company and am part owner of a granite company. I live very well on $90,000 a year. I own a 3000sqft home. A 10000sqft shop. Boat, 4 wheelers, snowmobiles and the such. I got a 3.8 in High School and dropped out of college to get married(kid on the way). I agree that you need to do what you enjoy. I enjoy working with people and what I do. After you find that "thing" work hard at it till it works for you and then you can find time for everything else. My love is my tanks. Fourtiantly my wife shares in this love as well. We currantly have..125g/55refug Reef,75g/20g refug Reef, 65g/29grefug Reef, 29g/10grefug seahorse, 12g jbj nano and a 2.5g pico on my desk. Pics are at www.utahreefs.com gallery=holdencraft. My kids enjoy the hobie as well. Work hard and keep out of trouble. Find that "thing" you want to do and you will be fine.
  3. Want To Buy Purple People Eaters

    Im afraid thats not what I have. Heres a couple of better pictures.
  4. Want To Buy Purple People Eaters

    Like these?
  5. 3" 80mm Blue LED acrylic fans w/hurrican grills!

    Thats Ok I didn't get permission anyway. Could you tell me where to buy fans like these? Im assumeing there a specialty fan for computers.
  6. 3" 80mm Blue LED acrylic fans w/hurrican grills!

    Dude, Ill give you $20.00 for both shipped!
  7. 2X 70 Watt 14K bulbs cheap...and uv..

    You have payment. Thanks, Dion
  8. 2X 70 Watt 14K bulbs cheap...and uv..

    Ill take the uv for $25.00 shipped. Do you take paypal ? What is the account?
  9. 90g equipment sale

    Nice stand. Good luck selling!
  10. macro

    close up of macro
  11. mag pump and mh ballast

    How old is the mag 18?
  12. Gauging interest in my Aqua C urchin 1 year old

    Ive got one of these on my 29g with 10g sump. They work fantastic. This price is awsome. Dont let it getaway.
  13. FS: big Fat pink button

    Will it ship?
  14. Show Us your 29g's!

    This is my wifes(I have a 125 and a 65)
  15. FS: zoos, neon gsp, xenia

    PM sent